Grand Chase returns to Steam and immediately reaches Steam top 10


KOG Studios MMO great pursuit returns to Steam and immediately hits the 10 best games on the digital platform, a clear indicator that the nearly 20-year-old game is still steaming up.

While great pursuit amounts to To smoke, the game was originally released in August 2003 and was built into the Gamebryo engine – which is also the basis of the creation engine used in many Bethesda Game Studios titles.

great pursuit was in Steam’s top 10 with a current total peak of players amassing an impressive 79,883 players, the news confirmed via SteamDB. At the time of writing, there are currently 30,000 players on the game.

Here’s a look at the game, via its Steam page:

Grand Chase is a free-to-play, side-scrolling online action RPG with anime-inspired graphics. Experience exciting dungeon and PvP adventures with 20 unique characters.

Grand Chase is a Side-scrolling online action RPG with graphics inspired by anime. Anyone can join in the action with the arrow keys and Z with 20 unique and charming characters. There are various dungeons in a fantastic setting and real-time online PvP. Collect gear and learn skills to enjoy the action in dungeons and PvP.

Main content

  • 20 unique characters – Develop the skills available by changing jobs and create your unique skill tree to differentiate your character from others.
  • Dungeon Mode – Party with your friends to explore the vast lands. (Single player game also available)
    • Normal Dungeon – Follow the stories of the characters and world of Grand Chase.
    • Heroic Dungeon – Complete each dungeon to get the best gear available.
    • Event Dungeon – Enjoy a different kind of entertainment than other dungeons.
  • PvP Mode – With your unique skill tree, play strategic matches against other players in various PvP modes. Play together between 2 and 6 players. You can play Item Match, Team Match, and Single Match in Normal and Deathmatch modes.
  • Personalization – There are various weapons, armor sets, and accessories that let you customize your characters to stand out in the crowd.

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