Government launches feasibility study for underground submarine cable

The Cayman Islands Government, through the Department of Infrastructure, has announced that the consultancy firm Grant Thornton Specialist Services (Cayman) Limited (Grant Thornton) has been engaged to undertake a formal feasibility study on the modernization of the submarine cable infrastructure of the islands.

This follows a selection exercise launched in December 2021, which attracted strong international interest from several professional services and consultants specializing in submarine cables. It is also based on extensive industry and stakeholder consultations conducted by the government over the past eighteen months.

The feasibility study, which will be prepared by subsea systems experts Pioneer Consulting, will be used to guide the government’s decision-making regarding the advancement of a major submarine cable infrastructure investment project. sailors.

Minister of Infrastructure, the Hon. Jay Ebanks said the commissioning of a study reflects a strong approach taken by the government to transform the islands’ international connectivity. “We are bringing in world-class experts to help analyze the options and identify the best approach to take with respect to this major infrastructure project. This initiative forms a key pillar of our strategy to ensure the Cayman Islands benefits from world-class connectivity to support the transformation of our economy and society into a thriving digital future,” he said.

Commenting on their support for the project, Grant Thornton’s partner and Head of Utilities, Will McWilliams, said: “Grant Thornton is delighted to be working with the Cayman Islands Government on this important initiative and to benefit from both our own global experience on large infrastructure projects and the specialist submarine cable expertise of Pioneer Consulting within our team. We look forward to working together on this crucial initiative.”

In its Strategic Policy Statement 2022-2024, the Government of the Cayman Islands highlighted that one of its major outcomes is to build modern infrastructure which includes funding for the implementation of a new submarine communications cable to ensure that the Cayman Islands remain connected to the world. .

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