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Mr Doyle sat down with Tobias Persson and Leo Kearse to discuss recent news of a prisoner who then chose to identify as a woman, and now as a baby. The political commentator answered whether it was reasonable for prisoners to be allowed to change identities multiple times. Due to Sophie Eastwood’s demands to be treated like a baby by prison staff, she is taken seriously. Mr Doyle spoke of prison officers crushing Ms Eastwood’s food and allowing them to wear adult nappies, despite Ms Eastwood’s crimes, one of murdering her roommate in prison.

A panel guest said, “Do you have to be allowed to change identities multiple times?”

Mr Doyle said: “Do you have to be allowed to change identities multiple times? I think we’ve all done that on this panel, haven’t we.

“In Scotland… It’s a bit more serious, it’s a murderer who killed a cellmate when he was just 18.

“We are dealing with a murderer here, born male, now identified as female, the prison warden informed that he wanted to be treated like a baby.

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Mr Doyle added: “So it was Sophie Eastwood who was given a dummy, wearing nappies and having mixed meals like baby food.

“So the prison bosses take requests seriously, Tobias, we talked earlier about people wanting to transition and they want people to use different pronouns, babies?

“Am I being reactionary in saying…”

Mr Persson added: ‘You know what, I like babies but I don’t like babies killing people.

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Mr Doyle added: ‘If you want to identify as a baby, don’t kill people because babies don’t, do you?’

Mr. Persson said: “No, they don’t.”

Mr Doyle added: ‘It’s not convincing, that’s what I’m saying.’

Twitter users reacted when prisoner Sophie Eastwood identified herself as a baby.

@Denver13845030 said: “Fix this nonsense now before it’s too late. And we’re running out of time. You’re male or female and you have a date of birth that dictates your age. Simple, nothing in between and NO alternative.”

@Cacarson said: “Why are prison officials pleasing the inmate? Give that person regular food and use of the toilet. If the inmate is hungry or tired of sitting in filth, I bet the baby routine will be abandoned.”

@Andyric74827782 said “Why doesn’t he just identify as innocent and they have to let him go. Is that how it works?”

@MrTonyAllen said “it’s the ‘diaper wearers’ in positions of leadership and influence that are the biggest problem.”

@GeekboySmith said, “”If you want to dress up and poop in a diaper, go crazy, but not on my taxes! “The problem with live and let live is when he approaches children and bribes them, schools already have children’s penises in line to be sanctioned by the state to be cut off.

@BrianofBrexit said: ‘He’s just copying Boris – this has to STOP!’

@ThugsrbadMK said: “This is what passes for journalism now? Pick a wacky fringe story and make people pissed off? Like@FoxNewsthis is NOT news, this is sensationalist entertainment.”

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