Filming of Dungeons & Dragons movie at historic Northern Ireland castle, Michelle Rodriguez spotted in costume



Next production Dungeons & Dragons The film moved to the historic Carrickfergus Castle in Ireland. Several Carrickfergus residents spotted production trucks for the Dungeons & Dragons film at the old Carrickfergus Castle, which was built in 1177. Most of the filming was done inside or behind protective screens, but a production-related boat was seen outside the castle and Michelle Rodriguez was spotted on a costumed scooter on her way to the castle. Notably, Rodriguez wears a pair of brass knuckles, which fits the description that she would play a barbarian character in the film.

At the same time, a TikTok post went viral in which a 4-year-old girl from Carrickfergus called Rege-Jean Page for not marrying her aunt after allegedly waiting 20 minutes at the castle to try to see him.

the Dungeons & Dragons movie has filmed scenes in several historic locations across the UK, with scenes filmed at Wells Cathedral and Alnwick Castle earlier this summer. Notably, Carrickfergus Castle has a banquet hall for its medieval presentation, which might explain why the film is filming scenes there. Carrickfergus was previously a filming location for Our Overlords Robots, a 2014 film starring Callan McAuliffe, Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson.

the Dungeons & Dragons movie stars Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Rege-Jean Page, Justice Smith and Hugh Grant and is an adaptation of the popular tabletop role-playing game franchise of the same name. Details on the film remain vague, although we did see Rodriguez and Grant appear in costume thanks to previous set photos. Other than the fact that the film is set in the Forgotten Realms, we still know very little about the film itself. Despite the general secrecy, optimism for the film is high, with co-star Page recently called the script a “breath of fresh air” in a recent interview.


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