Featured Dungeon Schedule and Rotation – Destiny 2

A featured dungeon schedule and rotation so you can grab Pinnacle gear in Destiny 2.

Featured Dungeons are a rotating system introduced in Destiny 2 during Haunted Season. Each week, one of the old dungeons will be added to the schedule, giving players an additional opportunity to acquire Pinnacle gear. Follow the featured dungeon schedule in Destiny 2 using the schedule below.

Featured Dungeon Schedule and Rotation

destiny 2 featured dungeon schedule rotation

Each week, players can participate in two dungeons to earn Pinnacle gear. There is the newly released dungeon (like the Duality dungeon from Season of the Haunted) and one of the old dungeons. Ancient dungeons rotate on a set schedule, allowing players to plan when they want to dive and hunt for high-end gear.

Featured Dungeon Schedule and Rotation
Date dungeon
May 24 broken throne
May 31st Pit of Heresy
June 7 Prophecy

Unlike the featured raid schedule, dungeons do not have active challenges. The purpose of these dungeons is to give players the ability to increase the number of pinnacles they can acquire each week. This should help you reach the new maximum power each season. Also, revisiting Grasp of Avarice for more Artifice armor is well worth it.

Keep an eye on this featured dungeon schedule so you know which dungeon is next in Destiny 2. Stop by Shacknews Destiny 2 strategy guide for walkthroughs for each dungeon as well as information on loot tables .

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