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Autumn has arrived and I hope you are enjoying the good weather.

It’s been three weeks since Evie’s Travel returned from our long awaited Rhine cruise. We started our 11 day trip at the end of August on the Jewels of the Rhine boat cruise which included the Netherlands, Germany, France and Lucerne, Switzerland. This cruise included seven nights on the Rhine with the last two nights in the beautiful city of Lucerne.

Photo taken from Strasbourg, France. Photo provided

Departing from the United States, our overnight flight took us to Amsterdam, where we enjoyed the 700-year-old city with its picturesque canals and world-class museums. We had time to visit the Anne Frank House and explore the canals. Many have chosen to take a 16 mile guided bike tour through the countryside. The next morning we were able to relax on a canal boat cruise through the medieval city center.

It was very clear from the start that everyone in Amsterdam owns at least one bicycle. We have learned to respect the cycle paths, because they claim the right of way.

It was seven nights on the Rhine until we reached Cologne, where this city claims fame as one of the oldest and most famous Gothic cathedrals. We spent a lot of time looking at the masterwork.

Next, we traveled to Koblenz, Germany, a city of 2,000 people located in the spectacular Rhine Gorge. We passed countless medieval castles and vineyards that line the banks of this section of the river.

Our next stop took us to medieval Heidelberg, Germany. It was the home of the 1972 Summer Paralympic Games. Another lovely neighborhood, we enjoyed walking and coach tours of this medieval town with local narrators, using comfortable and quiet Mercedes-Benz buses for us. to transport.

Bicycles were also available with guides to accompany us.

On day 7, we were moored across the river from Strasbourg, which is the capital of the Alsace region in France. Known for its medieval black and white half-timbered buildings, Baroque sandstone buildings, canals and locks, the city’s main attraction is the Cathedral, which dominates the main square. This Catholic Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Strasbourg is considered one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in Europe. Construction began in the year 1015 and was completed in 1439.

The natural beauty of Europe was all around us as we moved on to our next adventure, which was the Black Forest, located in southwestern Germany. This mountain range was made up of trees with fantastic shapes. He is also known for his Black Forest cake, which dates back to the 1400s. A local chef introduced us to this divine chocolate cake made up of several layers, topped off with layers of dark cherries and brandy or rum for the spice between layers. It is topped with a little whipped cream. Each of us received a generous portion of this divine dessert. This is also where the cuckoo clocks are handcrafted with other German specialties.

The houses built in the Black Forest were very picturesque and nestled in the hills.

The highlights of the trip were many as we were able to sit outdoors at the top of the ship and watch the scenery, which was endless.

Besides the food, entertainment, accommodations and the good weather, it made us forget Austin and Minnesota a bit.

We then disembarked from the ship and moved to Lucerne for our two night adventure. We were all blown away again by the beauty of this city and the parks. Locals love to spend time on their manicured lawns and there are bicycles all over town. Locals would wake up and spend time walking around the Reuss River, which runs through their town. We spent lunch hour on the brick walls by the blue-green water. We took a gondola ride to the top of Mt Pilatus which has an elevation of 7,000 feet which was the highlight of our stay.

We all agreed that a return visit here would definitely be on our wishlist.

We offered “auf wiedersehen” in Europe and returned home with memories of our enriching experiences.

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