Everything You Need to Know About Medieval Dynasty: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Medieval is a survival simulation game set after a war where no one has a home and everyone is eagerly awaiting a new life. The main objective of the game is to build a fascinating colony where you are a leader.

The most essential thing is to stay healthy and hydrated by drinking water and eating well-cooked food. Some types of food have a poisoned level if you eat that food, wait for the poison sign to disappear, then eat food, otherwise if you eat while poisoned, your health will not increase.

Stay hydrated by drinking water, you can drink straight from the river. If you find it too difficult to go to the river again and again, build a well. As clean water is needed so is food, build farms, fishing traps, rabbit traps and hunt some of the giant animals like bear, deer, wild pigs, wolves that come your way. will give more than enough food for you and your villager

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The woman is an essential aspect of a man’s life in the game as well as in life. Keeping this in mind, the game has added a feature for your wife to improve your stats in the game. The ideology of the game works, like when a man after a long day of hard work comes home when there is no one to talk to, come see your wife who becomes your only true companion who will support you in your most difficult moments.

It’s the kind of realism that makes it different from other survival games. If you couldn’t meet your wife’s basic needs, she will leave you with the heir.

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Explore different villagers to find resources, quests and also to find your soul mate. Make sure your reputation level is high otherwise you will be rejected by girls and feel bad. As no woman would want to risk her future if you don’t have a job or an establishment. Build a small community of a village then try to impress someone.

Be sure to keep in mind that you cannot marry a girl with a 10 year age difference. Each girl has an approval percentage approach based on it. You can start flirting with them when the woman’s approval level is over 60.

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Management is a place where you can assign your villagers to a job. There are many things a villager can do assigned according to your wish, there are farmers, well workers, people who can work in mines, poultry and animal workers, etc.

Complete Medieval Dynasty Review: Ready to survive with your social and building skills?

To start a settlement make sure of this thing

1. Don’t build your colony too far from water

2. Do not stack houses, keep a good distance between each house and other workplaces

3. Make sure to build a well in the beginning as this will be your colony’s water source

4. Make sure the villagers are in good spirits, meet their needs for food, shelter, water, etc.

5. Donkeys aren’t useless if you compare them to horses. Yes, they don’t match the speed of horses, but they can carry a fair amount of stuff on their backs.

6. Complete the basic quests given to you by the game, especially in the beginning, don’t ignore and jump straight into building houses and land because you won’t be able to build without even doing a quest.

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