Everything We Know About Dark Knights Of Steel, DC’s New Medieval Universe

Dark Knights of Steel # 1 debuted in November 2022 and created a whole new universe in DC Comics. Created by Tom Taylor and Yasmine Putri, this story redefines some of DC’s most iconic characters as medieval archetypes and changes their origin stories regardless of canon. Plus, it delivers a well-crafted plot that, right from the first pages, will remind fans of their favorite fantasy books.

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Although Dark Knights of Steel has only three issues so far, these comics have already given readers a lot of twists and turns and it’s obvious the story still has a lot to offer. There isn’t much information on the future of this new race yet, but fans can be sure it will soon take its rightful place in the DC Elseworlds Hall of Fame.

ten This is not Tom Taylor’s first rodeo

DCeased is nothing like Marvel Zombies

Tom Taylor is an Australian comic book writer and screenwriter who has worked in the comic book industry for over 10 years. In addition to The abyss, his graphic novel with Boom! Studios, he wrote stories for Marvel such as Dark times, All New Wolverine, and Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, among others.

Additionally, Taylor is the author of several iconic DC comics such as Deceased, Injustice, and the Justice League / Power Rangers crossover. Since Taylor’s bibliography is replete with alternate universes, fans can rest assured. Dark Knights of Steel will exceed anyone’s expectations.

9 Yasmine Putri is the artist behind it all

Yasmine Putri is an Indonesian visual artist and character designer who has worked with Marvel and DC Comics for many years. For Marvel, she worked in titles such as Star wars, Noir Panther, Secret wars, House of X, and The Incredible Spider-Man. For DC Comics, she has directed titles such as Hellblazer, Wonder woman, and Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Besides Taylor’s masterful writing, readers can appreciate Putri’s art in the Dark Knights of Steel covers as well as in history. This limited series is not Putri’s first collaboration with Tom Taylor. The two designers worked together in the Deceased series in 2019.

8 It will be a limited series

Because Dark Knights of Steel is planned as a limited series, the story will have only 12 issues. Originally released in November 2021, the story will run monthly through November 2022. While 12 issues may not seem like too few to create an entire universe, Taylor has made it into even fewer issues. For example, Dark times only worked 6 months.

Whatever the limits of the series’ problems, nothing is set in stone. DC Comics is known to expand its universes based on reader reaction, as has happened with Deceased and its many derivative stories. However, it is still too early to know if this will happen.

seven It tells the story of a quarrel between two kingdoms

Supergirl is flying on the cover of Dark Knights of Steel with red eyes and blood splatter all around her.

Dark Knights of Steel follows the story of the political conflict between Kryptonians and humans. After a prophecy names King Jor-El and his family as a threat to humanity, King Jefferson Pierce hires Oliver Queen to kill him. In retaliation, Jor-El’s daughter, Zala-El, kills Jefferson’s son, Jacob.

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This sets off a bloody feud between the Realm of El and the Realm of Storms that spans other realms, like the island of Amazon. Since both kingdoms consider each other on the right side of history, soon everyone is embroiled in a fierce battle for honor and power.

6 The story falls very far from the canon

Wonder Woman and SUPERgirl kiss in Dark Knights of Steel

While Dark Knights of Steel has only been around for three months, its plot has already changed everything fans know about DC canon. The story takes place in an era far from the present and also changes many details about the heroes and villains who play it.

There are plenty of examples of these character modifications, but, as an example, Bruce Wayne is not a billionaire vigilante. He’s a warrior of House El. On top of that, Kal-El is still an alien, but he’s not an orphan, he’s the prince of a kingdom ruled by his parents. Another major change is the romance of Wonder Woman and Supergirl, which was introduced in the second issue of the comics.

5 It features everyone’s favorite characters

Dark Knights Steel Batman Superman

Batman and Superman are the The Black Knights of Steel main characters, but the comics include many DC characters like Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Harley Quinn, Constantine, etc. All these characters have been redesigned by Yasmine Putri in order to adapt to medieval aesthetics, but without losing their essence.

For example, Harley Quinn’s outfit has been redesigned to make her look like a medieval harlequin. For this reason, his costume in Dark Knights of Steel looks more like the pre-New 52 Harley than the redesign of the DCEU. Another example comes from Kal-El, who doesn’t own a super-costume, but still wears Superman’s iconic red cape.

4 The story includes an alternate version of Supergirl

zala jor-el in black knights of steel

Kara Zor-El has been Supergirl since its inception in 1959. She is a Kryptonian woman who arrived on Earth after her cousin Kal-El and who adopted multiple identities.Linda Lee, Kara Kant and Kara Danversto hide his true alien nature. However, in Dark Knights of Steel, Supergirl’s name is Zala-El and she is Kal-El’s sister, not his cousin.

His character is an original invention of Tom Taylor since he was given the creative freedom for this comic. Just as Kal-El is not officially Superman yet, Zala was not referred to by the Supergirl nickname in Dark Knights of Steel. Either way, there’s no doubt that she’s based in Maiden of Might.

3 Batman and Superman are portrayed as … brothers ?!

Dark Knights of Steel Batman Jor-El

While in DC canon, Supergirl and Superman are cousins, in Black knights of steel, they are brothers and sisters. However, that’s not even the strangest twist in the House El family tree. Besides Kal-El and Zala-El, Jor-El has another son, Bruce Wayne, who is the offspring of a liaison between the king and Martha Wayne.

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What was once an April Fool’s joke is now a reality in Dark Knights of Steel. This is the first time in DC history that Superman and Batman have been portrayed as brotherly siblings instead of just friends and teammates. As of the third issue of the comic, Bruce is the only one who knows, aside from his father. Only time will tell what Kal-El’s reaction will be to the news.

2 It has been compared to Game Of Thrones & The Witcher

Although DC comics have had many Elseworlds over the years, there has never been a medieval universe like Dark Knights of Steel before. Taylor’s use of the Middle Ages lore led the media and critics to compare this race to today’s fantastic products such as Game of thrones given its plot revolving around a political intrigue in medieval times.

Additionally, Batman is compared to Geralt of Rivia as he serves as the witcher for the house of El. To add to this comparison at The witcher, Taylor himself commented The Lord of the Rings and Dragon lance as main inspirations for its history, which means there are a lot of fantastic lore to come Dark Knights of Steel.

1 The comic is Tom Taylor’s biggest story elsewhere to date

Batman Superman Dark Knights of Steel

Tom Taylor is the author of several very popular DC Elseworlds, but, as he stated, Dark Knights of Steel perhaps his greatest work to date. Not only does Taylor admit that he spent over two years creating this story, but he also promised that most of the characters will be changed in ways readers have never seen before.

The writer cited several fantastic stories as inspiration for this comic, admitting to being a fan of writers like Terry Pratchett and Robin Hobb. On Black knights of steel, Taylor said the comic “is for kids who took the dice to school, who chose their own adventure, and dreamed of flying in a cape.”

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