Enaex Africa commissions expanded bulk emulsion plant

Explosives company Enaex Africa has completed the construction and commissioning of an expansion project at its bulk emulsion explosives plant in Secunda.

The company says this is an important milestone as it is the first infrastructure project developed and completed under the joint venture agreement between Enaex, Sasol and Afris.

The project also displays the agile culture of the Enaex group, since the execution of the whole project took less than 12 months and was also within budget.

As part of Enaex Africa’s expansion and sustainability growth strategy, which builds on its vision to become the preferred blasting supplier in key African mining regions, this initiative has been identified as critical to its operations in the region and will support the company. ambitions in South Africa and across the continent.

The installation allows Enaex Africa to produce more products.

Additionally, the weighbridge and added silos increased storage capacity by 50%, allowing for the production of additional bulk emulsion.

“This expansion project will create direct and indirect jobs, most of which will hopefully be in local communities. Additionally, the projects demonstrate our strong commitment as Enaex Africa to contributing to the South African economy through making local investments,” said the CEO. Francois Baudrand.

The bulk emulsion expansion at the site is part of the first phase of planned future production increases. The company points out that there are other projects already underway.

In addition, the company is also building the first Enaex electronic initiation system assembly plant in Africa. This local assembly facility will be located at the company’s Secunda complex in South Africa and is expected to begin operating by the end of 2022, a year ahead of the originally scheduled deadline.

The electronic detonators offered by Enaex Africa are currently imported from Davey Bickford, an Enaex subsidiary located in France.

Thanks to this local presence, customers will benefit from additional security of supply of Enaex electronic detonators, assembled locally and at a competitive cost.

The new assembly plant will be able to produce 800,000 detonators per year and will create several local employment opportunities.

Enaex Africa believes that its growth investments will have a positive effect on the local community and ultimately the country’s economy as a whole.

In 2017, energy and chemicals company Sasol undertook a detailed asset review to ensure that all assets in the company’s global portfolio are delivered against strict financial metrics and aligned with strategy. of business growth.

Consistent with this review, Sasol’s explosives business has been identified as having substantial growth potential that could be unlocked through collaborative opportunities, including the potential to partner with a world-class explosives brand.

In June 2019, after a rigorous evaluation process, Enaex, a leading company with more than 100 years of history in the explosives sector based in Chile, was selected as Sasol’s preferred strategic partner to create an explosives business. world class on the African continent.

This company was created and started trading as Enaex Africa in July 2020.

Enaex is the majority shareholder and is responsible for the management and operational control of the entity. Enaex is the third largest explosives company in the world.

In May 2021, Africa Rising Explosives was brought into the joint venture as a new broad-based black economic empowerment partner, increasing Enaex Africa’s stake to 51% owned by Enaex, 23% owned by Sasol South Africa and 26% owned by Africa Rising Explosives.

Enaex Africa provides all the products and services required to perform the blasting process in surface and underground operations, including different bulk products and

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