Elden Ring: Best places in Limgrave

Limgrave is where the latest version of FromSoftware opens, Ring of Elden. As players emerge from the depths of a graveyard and into the light of day, this is the first place they will most likely begin to explore.

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There are many places in Limgrave, from small caves and crypt-like dungeons to smaller ruins and other above-ground areas that yield quite a bit of good loot for Elden Ring’s start of the game. Here are which locations are best for players to visit in Limgrave for loot and progression. Note that Stormveil Castle, the local legacy dungeon, is not considered on this list due to its huge advantage as a large dungeon, but it should be noted that it still holds the best loot and challenge for Ring of Elden players.

ten Church of Elleh

Elden Ring Best First Items Guide Merchant Kale Church Of Elleh
  • Spirit Calling Bell, Lone Wolf Ashes, Forge Bench, Traveling Merchant, Golden Rune (2)

This church is one of the first buildings players will see when exiting the catacombs. Follow the road ahead of you while avoiding (or fighting) the tree sentry, and it’ll be on the left side. Players can pick up a Golden Rune at its entrance and enter to meet Merchant Kalé. He sells a bunch of useful items at the start of the game, such as the torch and the crafting kit, so be sure to visit him later with enough runes.

Players can also use the Forge Bench to upgrade their weapons up to a maximum of +3, after which they will need to access the Round Table. At night, after players have received Torrent de Melina by visiting the Gatefront Ruins Grace Site, return here to speak with Ranni the Witch, who will offer the Spirit Calling Bell to summon various Ashes. She also gives players the Ashes of Lone Wolf, which is great for the early game.


9 Catacombs of Troubled Waters

Muddy Water Catacombs at Elden Ring
  • Battle Hammer, Banished Knight Engvall Ashes

Located down the river that runs through Limgrave, if players head down this ravine they will come across a small cave. Be sure to walk to the end of the ravine to find it, as there is another cave on the way called Murkwater Cave with different loot. The catacombs, however, are a great place to pick up the Battle Hammer weapon, which deals massive damage.

Additionally, defeating the boss grants players the Ashes of the Banished Knight of Engvall, which is a good tanky companion to summon against tougher enemies.

8 Waypoint Ruins

ELDEN RING-element-waypoint-ruins-middle

  • Witch Sellen, Greataxe (in the car passing by the ruins), Pumpkin Helm

The Waypoint Ruins are after the bridge that spans the River Limgrave and to the south. The place will be guarded by a bunch of poisonous flowers, but they should be easy enough for players to manage. Defeating the local boss in the Cellar will reward the player with the Pumpkin Helmet, and the Witch Sellen will take up residence near the new Grace Site.

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There’s also a carriage that passes the ruins of Waypoint every day, pulled by two large giants and guarded by a few knights and undead. Kill them and grab the big ax found in the back of the car for an easy weapon. Heading slightly south of the Waypoint Ruins, following the edge of the cliff, players can find a bunch of tombs with golden runes.

7 Stormhill Hut

Elden Ring Stormhill Giant Golem Guide Stormhill Shack
  • Golden Seed (on the road before the cabin), Stonesword Key, Jellyfish Ashes

From the Gatefront Ruins grace site, players can walk straight through the gates and outright ignore the enemies guarding the area. Drive further down the road to find a Golden Seed near a small Golden Tree, and beyond that is Stormhill Shack, the closest Grace site after going through the gates.

There’s a Stonesword Key on a wooden platform and Roderika inside the cabin itself. Talk to her three times and she will eventually grant the player Jellyfish Ash. Medusa is a surprisingly tanky sidekick to have in boss battles, so it’s a good choice for those battling bosses, especially early on.

6 Gate ruins

Rest Point Elden Ring at Gatefront
  • Whetstone Knife, Storm Stomp Ash of War, Lordsworn Greatsword, Flail, Map of Limgrave (West)

Speaking of Gatefront Ruins, before you run headfirst into Stormveil Castle, be sure to stop here and loot this place thoroughly. In the Ruins Cellar, players can find the Whetstone Knife, needed to apply Ash of War to weapons, as well as the Storm Stomp Ash of War.

In a chest next to the car closest to the Gatefront Ruins Grace Site, players can find the Lordsworn Sword for an early game weapon. Right in front of this cart is another, where players can find the flail that applies blood loss buildup on enemies. Last but not least, be sure to pick up the map located on a stone pillar in the middle of the ruins. For players looking for a good shield, this area also has a small chance to drop the Brass Shield, which negates 100% physical damage.

5 Catacombs touched by death

Catacombs touched by death
  • Golden Vow Ash of War, Uchigatana, Assassin’s Crimson Dagger

Head west from Stormhill Shack and, just before reaching the Sainstbridge Grace Site, turn left to find the Death-Touched Catacombs. Players who regret not choosing the samurai class on the first trip to the Elden Ring can choose their own Uchigatana here.

It’s also the perfect place to get the Golden Vow Ash of War, which can only be found in the Golden Halberd at the start of the game, the weapon looted from the Tree Sentinel when he dies. Finally, a talisman called Assassin’s Crimson Dagger is also found here, looted from the boss. The talisman heals players when they critically hit enemies.

4 Warmaster’s Hut

Elden Ring No Skill Ash Of War Guide Warhaster Hut Knight Bernahl
  • Bernahl (Ash of War vendor), Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing (after defeating the Night Invader), Strength-Knot Crystal Tear (nearby on a cliff towards the Stormveil Bridge)

Those looking to get their hands on more war ashes early in Ring of Elden should head west from Stormhill Shack to find the Warmaster’s Shack. Inside, Bernahl will be the go-to supplier for all things Ash of War.

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Before going to the shack, however, visit the cliff just before the shack towards the Stormveil Bridge to grab the Strength-Knot Crystal Tear. At night, players can return to Warmaster’s Shack to fight a special invader that drops Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing.

3 Fort Haight

elden ring dectus left medallion
  • Golden Seed, Bloody Slash Ash of War, Nomad Warrior’s Recipe Book (6), Dectus Medallion (left)

In the far west of Limgrave, south of Mistwood, players will spot a site of grace near a small fortress. Fort Haight is a crucial place to visit for those who want easy access to the Altus Plateau, later on, so hop on Torrent and climb up to this building.

There’s a Gold Seed here, as well as a Nomad Warrior’s Cookbook (6) that expands the crafting catalog. Defeat the enemies, especially the elite knight, to get the Bloody Slash Ash of War, which is a bestial Ash of War upgrade from the start. In the tallest tower, players can find a chest containing the left half of the Dectus medallion needed to activate the large Liurnia elevator that leads to the Altus plateau.

2 Tomb of the Fringefolk hero

Tomb of the Fringefolk Hero in Elden Ring
  • Erdtree Greatbow, Golden Seed, Banished Knight Oleg Ashes, Dragon Communion Seal, Erdtree’s Favor, Stone Sword Key

Return to the roots of every Elden Ring player by heading to the Stranded Graveyard Grace Site. Players will need to sacrifice two Stonesword Keys to get through the White Mist Wall on their right, but the rewards are worth it if they’re up for a little challenge.

Fringefolk Hero’s Tomb is a mini-dungeon with tanks and undead enemies. There are also two bosses that are quite difficult. Players can earn the Erdtree Greatbow by killing one of the tanks guarding the dungeon, as detailed here. The dungeon holds a golden seed, the dragon’s communion seal for all incantation purposes, Erdtree’s Talisman of Favor guarded by Grafted Scionsa stone sword key and the ashes of the banished knight Oleg that fall when the ulcerated tree spirit is defeated.

1 Marika Third Church

Elden Ring Flask Of Wondrous Physick Location Marika's Third Church Location
  • Wondrous Medicine Flask, Sacred Tear, Crimson Crystal Tear

As far as must-see places go, Marika’s Third Church is one of them. Even if the player skips every other location in Limgrave, they should at least visit this one and maybe the Gatefront Ruins to get the Whetstone Knife. Everything else is largely just extra stuff that will give players a nice edge.

This church is located in the far west of Limgrave. Follow the road to the left after crossing the bridge next to Lake Agheel and continue past the enemies until a giant patrolling in front of a ruined church appears and Mistwood opens up to the player’s right. Inside, players can find a special flask that allows them to apply buffs via Crystal Tears, a Sacred Tear, and the Crimson Crystal Tear, which they can apply to their new flask.

Ring of Elden is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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