Dwarven Forge reveals dice reliquaries for dungeon and dragon dice


Dwarven Forge has unveiled a new line of dice reliquaries designed for table lovers to show off their most fantastic dice. The new line of accessories will be funded through a Kickstarter campaign launched this fall and will offer players and dice enthusiasts a new way to display their favorite gaming dice at home and on the gaming table. The New Reliquary Line will feature several sculpture collections, each embodying a different design theme. Several of the designs include internal LEDs to create light effects on the dice, which will be especially striking on translucent dice. The Reliquaries will also feature interchangeable dice inserts to accommodate a range of dice sizes and styles.

“Like a lot of games, I have a lot of dice. I have multiple ways to store them, but no good way to display them,” said Nate Taylor, Creative Director of Dwarven Forge in a press release revealing the new range. reliquaries. “That’s why I’m excited to release Reliquaries. We’re going to give players around the world a place of honor for their dice – a way to display and enjoy their favorite set. There are beautiful dice, let’s display them for the world to see! “

Dwarven Forge is best known for its line of table ground pieces, all of which are sculpted and hand painted. The pieces have been featured on shows like critical role, and Dwarven Forge’s Kickstarter campaigns typically hit seven figures. Their most recent campaign in 2020 raised over $ 4 million to fund their Wildlands land expansion.

Thanks to the popularity of Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop role-playing games, craft dice have become a niche but growing industry. There are many artisans of small dice made from resin or other material, as well as larger manufacturers that produce dice from semi-precious stones, bone, and even moose poo. Many tabletop RPG players have large collections of dice, although it typically takes six dice (or less) to play most tabletop games.

Dwarven Forge will launch its Kickstarter for its Reliquary line later this fall. You can subscribe to the Dwarven Forge newsletter for more details.

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