Dungeons & Dragons make a clever nod to the past in Feywild’s next adventure


Dungeons & Dragons’ The next adventure will feature a character named after a popular game term synonymous with an older version of the game. Over the weekend, Wizards of the Coast revealed new details about Nature beyond the light of the witches, his upcoming adventure taking place mainly in the Feywild. The Level 1-Level 8 campaign begins at Witchlight Carnival, a circus filled with unusual fairy-related creatures. One of those creatures is Thaco the Clown, who was first revealed in a premium WizKids miniature set and then mentioned in a Dragon + article posted yesterday.

Thaco has not appeared in any other D&D adventure, but his name has some connection to an earlier version of the game. Thaco is a nod to “THAC0”, an acronym used in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition. “THAC0” stands for “To hit armor class 0” and refers to the roll you must make to hit a creature with armor class 0. In earlier versions of the game, low armor class meant makes it a higher armor class. defense, so that players subtract their dice rolls from their THAC0 statistic to determine whether or not they are hitting a creature. So, if a creature had an armor class of 2, a player with a THAC0 of 12 would have to roll a 10 or better to hit that creature.

As well as being a controversial game mechanic that was later dropped in the 3rd Edition rules, there was also disagreement over how the acronym was pronounced. While many TSR employees preferred to pronounce the acronym “Thay-Co”, most players preferred “Thack-o” (which rhymes with wacko. Nature beyond the light of the witches prefers the latter pronunciation.

By speaking with Dragon +, Lead story designer Chris Perkins explained that Thaco was just one example of a nod to the game’s past that would be in Nature beyond the light of the witches. ““ D&D is over 45 years old and it’s become a multigenerational game, ”said Perkins.“ We’ve included tons of D&D Easter eggs that echo the theme of time that echoes through the past of the world. story and Thaco the Clown is one of them. ”Several characters from a popular line of D&D figures from the 1980s will also appear in the adventure.

Nature beyond the light of the witches will be released on September 21, 2021.

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