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  • What “Heroes Of Krynn” Means For The Fifth Edition

Although Dungeons & Dragons Offering Dungeon Masters the freedom and tools to create their own worlds, the game features a story-rich and fleshed-out multiverse that houses decades of lore and development. There are various setting books currently available for fifth edition D&D that contain information on worlds such as Ravenloft and Eberron.

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However, after the recent publication of The heroes of Krynn have discovered the arcanathere is speculation that a Dragonlance book for the fifth edition may be on the horizon. As Dragonlance is a setting that has not been highlighted in Fifth Edition so far, we will highlight this setting for those who may not be familiar with its history.


Krynn Unearthed Arcana heroes can be found here.

What is Dragonlance

Autumn Twilight Dragons by Larry Elmore
Autumn Twilight Dragons by Larry Elmore

Dragonlance is one of the oldest and most established settings in D&D history, dating back to the early 1980s. It was created by fantasy writers Laura and Tracy Hickmanwith further development by the author Marguerite Weis.

Although there have been many D&D novels in the past, more than 190 novels were featured as part of Dragonlance. Due to Dragonlance’s massive amount of content, it’s a world filled with rich history, cultures, and religions, making it perhaps the most fleshed-out world in D&D history.

Dragonlance takes place in the world of Krynn, a realm populated by humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, and Kender, the latter of which is included in the previously mentioned Heroes of Krynn Unearthed Arcana. Krynn is also notably home to Draconians, winged creatures with similar appearances to a Dragonborn, created by the corruption of a dragon egg. Draconians made their first official appearance in the fifth edition of Fizban’s Treasure of Dragons, in which all five types of Draconians were given monster stat blocks.

Magic in Dragonlance

Tasha's Cauldron of Everything Cover
Cover of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything by Magali Villeneuve

In the world of Dragonlance, spellcasters are notably part of an organization known as Sorcerers of High Sorcery, whose magic was notably influenced by the moon. Dragonlance spellcasters are often part of one of three orders; black robes, red robes, and white robes, each correlating to a different alignment and moon deity.

As Dragonlance was originally created during the time of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons while various classes of spellcasters that we know today, such as warlocks and warlocks, existed, The Heroes of Krynn Unearthed Arcana allows characters to acquire magic from these various orders through the use of backgrounds and optional gifts.

Additionally, to reflect the significant influence the moon has on magic in the world of Krynn, this Unearthed Arcana includes a moon magic subclass of wizards, allowing a spellcaster to perform magics influenced by the different phases of the moon.

What are Dragonlances?

fizban dragons hoard alternate cover
Fizban Dragon Hoard by Wizards of the Coast

As their name suggests, dragonspears are a key weapon type native to the setting, known for their ability to slay dragons. Although not common, these weapons are a key part of the scenery and are notably the only way for a mortal who lacks the ability to cast magic to slay a dragon in Krynn.

The Dragonlance appeared as a legendary magic item in 2021 Treasure of the Fizban Dragonsfunctioning as a +3 spear or pike that deals bonus force damage to dragons.

Who are the Kenders?

Kender from Dragonlance Campaign Setting by Wizards of the Coast
Kender from Dragonlance Campaign Setting by Wizards of the Coast

While the kender are among the most successful and common races in Dragonlance, they were completely absent from fifth edition until the release of Heroes of Krynn Unearthed Arcana, and the last time they were officially playable was in edition 3.5.

The Kender are a short race with appearances close to little elves. They are highly regarded for their bravery and tenacity. Kender has also been recognized for his expertise in taunting and insulting others, a trait which is directly referenced by his unique taunt ability in the aforementioned Unearthed Arcana.

What “Heroes Of Krynn” Means For The Fifth Edition

players handbook
Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook by Tyler Jacobson

While Krynn Unearthed Arcana heroes feature new races and a wizard subclass for players to enjoy, perhaps the most exciting inclusion in this new batch of playtesting material is the selection of new feats. that he understands. These feats are fundamentally tied to lore and the world of Krynn, while providing a unique structure that allows them to function similarly to a miniature subclass that could be added to any character.

the divinely favored, Initiate of High Sorceryand Knight of Solamnia the feats can each function as prerequisites to other feats featured in this uncovered arcana, allowing feats to be chained together to gain tasty magical abilities or privileges associated with a given knight order.

This is an incredibly interesting design space that we hope to see Wizards of the Coast explore more in the future, as it allows for the creation of characters such as knightly wizards in orders of chivalry or capable thieves. to wield powerful magic without the need for multiclassing. – while fitting the flavor of one of D&D’s iconic worlds.

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