Dungeons and Honor is an upcoming strategy RPG that offers both offline single-player and online co-op play

Unnamed Studio Entertainment opens pre-registration for its latest strategic Roleplay, Dungeons and Honor-RPG. The game gives you control of a group of heroes to fight against evil monsters and bosses to collect equipment and new abilities. It is a free game and gives you the option to play both offline and online.

Choose from a long list of heroes and explore the depths of the dungeon

The story of Dungeons and Honor opens with a character named Blaze who defines his journey by trying to find his father who is in one of the intense camps of the dungeons. With great easy to play controls, the real-time strategy RPG allows players to choose 15 unique heroes who have different skills and attributes.

Players can choose from a variety of weapons, gear, and items to increase their guild’s rank and grow stronger to access more powerful weapons and attachments.

Image via Nameless Studio Entertainment

The game offers two modes, namely the single player campaign and the other being the cooperative game where the players have to play online. In the online cooperative mode, players can fight with other players online in a local area network (LAN). The ultimate goal here is to defeat powerful opponents and rise through the ranks in the most powerful leagues. Players also have the option to watch matches online by switching to Observer Mode.

Pre-registration is open for Dungeons and Honor

Dungeons and Honor Launch Trailer

For now, Nameless Studio Entertainment has opened pre-registrations for Dungeons and Honor-RPG. The developers have yet to announce an official release date for their new real-time strategy RPG. Android users can pre-register for the game in their Google Play Stores.

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