Dungeons and Dragons Streamer Responds to Allegations

  • Twitch streamer Arcadum has been accused of sexual harassment by several members of his community.
  • More than 21 Twitlonger statements were released last week by former collaborators.
  • The streamer responded in his own statement that he “has never engaged in any non-consensual activity.”


streamer who has acquired an following to play Dungeons and Dragons online is responding to a wave of misconduct allegations that surfaced on social media this week.

Streamer Jeremy Black, known online as Arcadum, rebuffed allegations of emotional manipulation and sexual harassment of nearly two dozen people in a statement Thursday.

Over the past week, 21 streamers and colleagues who have worked or collaborated with Black have released Twitlonger statements detailing their alleged experiences with him. The allegations ranged from Black masturbating on a call to force a woman against a wall to kiss him.

Black, who has over 240,000 Twitch subscribers and ran a virtual reality role-playing world called Rank insensitive, works with popular streamers like Michael Reeves, Lily Pichu, and Moon moon, as well as traditional celebrities like Felicia’s day.

Black had created a network of volunteer artists, coders and community members who helped him run his Dungeon and Dragons campaigns and Callous Row role-playing sessions.

Some in this community have alleged that Black used his position to pressure women to gratify him emotionally and sexually.

Three women claim Black sexually harassed them online and in VR

Several women have said that Black sexually harassed them on Discord or the video game VRChat, where users can control avatars’ bodies using virtual reality controllers and headsets. Most of the women Black engaged with were VTuber streamers, who use virtual avatars controlled by face and body tracking technology. None of those who shared their stories have released their real names, and many of the stories that have occurred in the game have gone unrecorded and lack corroboration.

Kelli Mermaid, a Twitch streamer with 17,000 subscribers, wrote that she had been a close friend of Black for 3 years. She said that during a VR chat call, Black would comment on her character’s breasts and ask “could he touch them.” She wrote that he would ask her to “help her find sexual release” and that she “was really fed up with random requests to do sexual stuff” after saying she had repeatedly refused his requests. .

“I would say yes sometimes, because I was sick of having to constantly ask,” Siren wrote. “I was afraid he would give up our friendship. I was afraid of him.”

Siren describes his actions as “harassing” in the Twitlonger and shared alleged Discord messages where Black appeared to coerce her into sexual activity (Insider could not confirm the authenticity of these posts).

“The longer I knew him, the more pain and paranoia he brought into my life,” Siren wrote.

Siren did not respond to questions at the time of posting.

UzuriMia, a Twitch streamer with 11,000 subscribers, wrote in her statement that Black would ask her for VR lap dances in June 2020 (she told Insider she has an additional hip and foot tracker that allows her to to dance). She claimed in the statement that a month later, Black asked her for an “erotic role play”. She told him she wasn’t interested and they stopped talking shortly after. She told Insider that she would label his actions as “harassing” because “I told her that I was not comfortable doing sexual things with him and that he would repeatedly push and push up. ‘I firmly say no and stop it altogether. ”

“Honestly, I was afraid of making things awkward or being kicked out of RP or not being my friend anymore,” UzuriMia wrote.

Lyra121, a VRChat avatar maker, said in her statement that Black had requested “personal lap dances.” Lyra121 declined to comment.

Twitch broadcaster Rémi La Sirène, who has 22,000 followers, wrote in her statement that Black “asked me if I was okay with him masturbating while he was on appeal with me and if I could help him”, which she said la made “VERY uncomfortable”. She wrote that she felt compelled to oblige since she was a member of her campaign and “held the money and a place in the D&D group above my head.” Rémi did not return a request for comment.

“Once he finished he said he was tired and kind of ended our voice call,” Remi The Siren wrote.

Momo, a VTuber with over 200,000 Twitch subscribers wrote that she thinks she is being “taken care of” by Black and that he “tweaked me to always believe her words no matter what we were talking about.” Momo did not return a request for comment.

An allegation took place on the Internet. Folkona said in a Google Doc statement that she was “sexually assaulted” by Black in November 2019. She claimed that she invited him to her home for a weekend and that he asked for a “hug” which “got him to force me against the wall” and “he started kissing my neck and trying to hide it behind crying.” Folkona did not return a request for comment.

Most of the other statements echoed similar accusations against Black.

Black responded in a Twitlonger after the allegations aired online

After the Twitlongers posted about Black’s alleged behavior, NOVO influencer agency marketing director Devin Nash posted his own Twitlonger to announce that Black would be ditched as a client.

In Black’s response Thursday, the streamer wrote that he “has developed and engaged in a wide range of relationships with people over the years” and “has never engaged in any non-consensual activity.” sex messages that Black sent to other women.

“It was a painful experience and as a result I learned and took into account many of the mistakes I made,” Black wrote. “I will not be streaming as I continue to reflect on my actions and seek therapy for personal issues I have struggled with for some time.”

Tiefling on a Wednesday live said she “read” the direct message conversations Black was having with women on Discord and distanced herself from him “as I saw the evidence.”

“The first women involved got together after Arcadum banned several of us from various servers,” NaomiOop, one of the women who issued a statement and a Twitch streamer with 80,000 subscribers, Insider said. “We noticed, put two and two together, and then we realized just … how many … we were … we were.”

A representative for Black declined to comment on the details of this story.

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