Drought in the United States: Sinking of California’s agricultural capital, Corcoran Impact Town, food companies and the agricultural industry


Corcoran is known as one of the largest agricultural regions in California. Every day, several trucks of goods, including vegetables and cotton, were distributed by the city in various states. However, the self-proclaimed agricultural capital is under threat as the city itself is gradually sinking into the ground.

Corcoran’s land sank with the height of a two-story house

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A constant pumping of water takes place every day to supply the massive irrigation of the farms and fields of the city. For this reason, the city’s land structure has been softened, causing the corrosion of underground minerals. It is evident that the intensive agriculture of Corcoran depends heavily on the future of land formation in the region.

Corcoran farmers must irrigate the majority of the fields in the city to feed much of the United States. The pumping of irrigation in the city was implemented in the 1900s, but the series of underground extraction sources led to the sinking of their soil. Withdrawing water from below the city’s surface is much faster than replenishing rainwater. That said, the source of agriculture has slowly become Corcoran’s worst enemy.

California Department of Water Resources hydrology expert Janine Jones said Corcoran has gradually sunk to a level comparable to a two-story house 100 years since intensive agriculture and irrigation began, PhysOrg reports.

The sinking of the Corcoran, like any other sinking ground, is not visible to the naked eye. Moreover, the characteristics of the city do not allow to easily detail the tumble of the ground. There is no observable damage to the walls of the infrastructure, nor cracks on the fields and streets.

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Corcoran shipwreck impacts agriculture and jobs, as well as people leaving town

NASA has been contacted by California authorities to measure and examine the Corcoran geological anomaly. With the research carried out by the experts, a proof of the phenomena of shipwreck has emerged. The detailed change was recorded on the dike located on the outskirts of town. As a result of the findings, Republic World reports that local authorities conducted a project in 2017 to elevate the specified area and prevent the entire basin-like town from being inundated once a storm or cyclone passes through Corcoran.

Corcoran’s problem is now doubled as excessive drought is hitting the country due to climate change on our planet. This prompted the authorities to put in place a water restriction for farmers who use irrigation for their produce.

The California city is circling around with its agricultural dilemma, which has a devastating impact on the Corcoran economy and the psychological trauma of citizens. Not only local farmers are affected, but also agricultural businesses that run huge fields in the city. According to an NDTV report, the majority of the population who work with the city’s agribusinesses go one by one because of the problem. Lesser jobs hurt locals, especially the city’s dominant Hispanic community who work hard to maintain and make produce from the farms. Even the three cinemas in Corcoran have closed their doors due to the effects of the sinking of the ground.

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