DnD 5e: Best Shadow Magic Wizard Build

Dungeons & Dragons Sorcerers have access to unique marks of magic, and some draw their power from the dark arcana of Shadowfell.

Magic comes in many forms and comes from many sources in Dungeons & Dragons. Whether a wizard has spent the long years of his life devoted to his arcane studies, whether a wizard has made a pact with a powerful entity to gain remarkable power, or whether a wizard is simply born with a spark of wild magic from an ancient lineage, each has mastered the ability to shape and use magic.

The Shadow Magic Sorcerer’s unique powers have ties to the Shadowfell, a shadowy mirror realm of the Prime Material Plane. In fact, their connection to the magic of Shadowfell, whether passed down from generation to generation or enforced by exposure to that realm, has turned them into shadows themselves, with a dark veil thrown over their mortal faces that mark as in-between creatures. this light does not quite touch.

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Charisma and Dexterity are essential stats for the Shadow Magic Sorcerer

D&D 5th Shadow Magic Sorcerer Kenku

Those who draw their powers from the shadows rely on charisma as a base stat. The CHA contributes to their cast modifier and any spell damage bonuses that apply. When enemies are forced to roll a skill check or save against the Shadow Sorcerer’s magic attacks, the roll they must succeed is drawn from the Sorcerer’s CHA bonus, and the higher it is, the better. the chances of their spells working. Getting the CHA to 20 as quickly as possible will help ensure that this wizard becomes a terrifying foe that enemies balk at in the early wake.

Dexterity comes second to CHA, which gives the player the agility they need to get in and out of dangerous situations without taking too much damage. Since the Wizard’s hit points tend to be among the lowest in the game (using only a d6 when rolling hp each level), they must be able to protect themselves in situations where they cannot access their magic. DEX contributes useful skills like acrobatics, stealth, and sleight of hand, and boosts their abilities with ranged weapons like darts or light crossbows and finesse weapons like daggers.

Since their opportunity to rack up hit points is hampered by the low number of dice they roll when leveling up, upgrading Constitution can help significantly, as the CON modifier is added dice rolls to determine VPs. A high CON score will also help them succeed when forced to make CON saves which can be imperative to maintain focus on ongoing spell effects.

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Best races for wizard Shadow Magic

Drow Shadow Magic Sorcerer

Any race that gives a CHA and/or DEX boost will work well for a Shadow Magic Sorcerer. It is also important to consider the other racial boosts and buffs provided. For example, Drow and Shadow Elves have +2 DEX and +1 CHA, both of which contribute to their base stats. Additionally, each offers unique abilities that work aesthetically with the class itself. Drow has access to Drow Magic and can cast the Dancing Lights and Darkness minor spell without a spell slot once per day. Their sensitivity to sunlight plays well into the role-playing aspect of a shadow creature, and they have training in Drow weapons, which includes proficiency with hand-held crossbows.

The mark of shadow elves is specifically sensitive to darkness and can create clever illusions from the shadows around them. Additionally, they have the Cunning Intuition feature, which allows them to roll an extra d4 and add it to the total of any performance or stealth checks. Shadow elves also have access to a list of spells that go hand in hand with shadow magic, such as Darkness, Pass Without a Trace, Hallucinatory Terrain, and Mislead.

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Best feats for wizards of shadow magic

When it comes to choosing feats, it is important to consider how they will benefit the wizard overall. Because getting their base stats up to twenty as quickly as possible improves their overall abilities, it’s imperative to choose feats that provide a stat boost as well as an ability. For example, if you’re building a shadow elf or drow wizard, choosing the Elvish Precision feat allows them to add +1 to one of the DEX or CHA imperative stats, while also giving them the ability to re-roll the one of their d20s when they have an advantage on an attack that requires the use of their boosted stat.

Shadow Touched, although it grants access to a spell the player will likely already have: Invisibility, it can be cast once per day without using a spell slot, and it also learns another level one spell which can be launched in the same way. Additionally, they can increase their CHA by +1. While it doesn’t offer a stat boost, the Metamagic Adept feat is also great for this build, as it not only grants the player +2 sorcery points to spend on metamagic and they can learn two new metamagic abilities .

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Best Spells for Shadow Magic Wizards

When choosing spells, it’s important to consider not only how they will benefit the party and the player, but also how well they work with the skills of the Shadow Magic Sorcerer. For example, spells like Invisibility, Darkness, and Summon Shadow Demon all work incredibly well with that specific wizard’s aesthetic. Reality manipulation spells like Major and Minor Image help shape the world around them into what they want their enemies to see.

They can also take spells like Disguise Self to change their appearance or Tasha’s Otherworldly Guise to improve their abilities, armor class, and gain spectral wings and 40 flight speed for up to one minute. Taking the time to analyze each spell as new ones are offered will help create a Shadow Magic Sorcerer who not only knows how to take advantage of the light and shadow around him, but also scares his enemies.

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