Dickinson’s biggest and most beneficial expert is ‘flabbergasted’ as he learns of the ‘incredible’ value of the guest’s £ 2 brooch


The expert at DICKENSON’s Biggest and Best Deals was ‘flabbergasted’ after learning of the ‘incredible’ value of his wife’s £ 2 brooch.

The ITV show looks back on some of the most memorable moments of the last 14 years on Dickinson’s Real Deal.


Dickinson’s Best Deals and Best Deals expert was left speechless when told the value of a guest’s broochCredit: ITV
The brooch was brought by a man called Simon


The brooch was brought by a man called SimonCredit: ITV

On Sunday night, viewers saw expert Mark Stevens prepare to pour money on a beautiful brooch.

The guest, named Simon, told him that the jewelry belonged to his wife and that she loved it very much.

The specialist was amazed at what was in front of him and then told the guest about the pin.

Mark said: “This particular gem, it has a name – Holbeinesque.

“Real Holbeinesque jewelry dates from the neo-renaissance period and is worth a lot, a lot of money.

“This is the revival period. It was done between 1860 and 1870.”

Simon explained that his wife bought it about 15 years ago and said he wanted to sell it because she never wears it.

Clearly interested in buying him the brooch, Mark put £ 700 on the table.

Simon said: “It’s a ton of money. It’s definitely a lot more money than I expected.

“But I think it’s a reasonable offer.”

He decided to leave the table with the money and couldn’t wait to tell her how much his other half had paid him all those years ago.

“My wife bought it, I believe, from a charity shop in Llandudno. But she only paid £ 2 for it,” he confessed.

Mark was stunned by the revelation.

He asked: “Two books ?!

“Yeah,” Simon replied.

Still completely in shock, he asked again: “£ 2 ?!”

Simon said, “Yes.”

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Simon couldn't wait to tell Peter what his wife paid for the brooch


Simon couldn’t wait to tell Peter what his wife paid for the broochCredit: ITV

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