D&D Mini features an iconic villain riding a dragon

WizKids has revealed a Dragonlance Lord Soth figure for Dungeons & Dragons and it’s expensive, as it comes with his Greater Death Dragon mount.

One of the most iconic villains in the history of Dungeons & Dragons gets a mini for groups to use in games, as WizKids is making an expensive Lord Soth figure that DMs can free in the next Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen campaign book, or the Warriors of Krynn board game. Lord Soth is a powerful death knight in the world of Krynn from the Dragonlance campaign setting and players can expect to face him in The Shadow of the Dragon Queenthough hopefully they won’t be alone when they do.


The J&D 5th Monster Manual mentions Lord Soth in the death knight section of the book, describing his fall from grace and the murder of his wife, which led to his transformation into one of the undead. The world of Krynn lacks high-level good-aligned priests at the start of the War of the Spear, meaning there are few with the power to stop Lord Soth directly. Fortunately, he rarely took the field during the War of the Spear, at least in none of the battles featured in the novels. In the upcoming Dragonlance campaign and board game combination, players can expect to face off against Lord Soth, as it is set in Soth’s homeland of Solamnia, and he has many reasons for wanting to crush the members of his ancient chivalric order.

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Lord Soth will appear in The Shadow of the Dragon Queen and Warriors of Krynn, and DMs will be able to purchase a miniature to represent the death knight in battle. According ICv2WizKids unveiled the Lord Soth on Great Death Dragon figure, which will cost the princely sum of $119.99. The Lord Soth miniature can also be removed from the mount and used alone, should players be unlucky enough to face him in single combat.

WizKids is releasing an expensive Lord Soth figurine in April

The average death knight is a CR 17 creature, and Lord Soth is an iconic creature J&D villain, which means he is one of the most powerful of his kind. It might seem strange for WizKids to release a mini for a character that players probably can’t fight head-on in their game, especially since he’s on the back of a dragon that wouldn’t look like wrong in the game. monster hunter series. But in both The Shadow of the Dragon Queen and Warriors of Krynnplayers are the commanders of a mighty army, so they could take on Soth with the support of a few battalions, which might give them a fighting chance, or at least cause Lord Soth to gracefully retreat, players thinking that he could play with them.

What’s odd about the Lord Soth WizKids figure is its release date. The J&D The Dragonlance campaign/board game launches in December, but the Lord Soth figure won’t launch until April 2023. It would have made more sense to have the figures available closer to the launch of the Dragonlance content in Dungeons & Dragons 5th, as some of the most excited players may have already completed the campaign and board game in April.

Source: ICv2

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