D&D 5e: The best wizard build in the dragonline


Draconic Bloodline is one of the most popular wizarding subclasses in D&D Fifth Edition. Here’s how to make the best character possible with it.

Dungeons & Dragons‘Wizards have a unique relationship with magic. While wizards manipulate the dark forces of reality through careful study and clerics through devotion to their god, wizards each tap into energy from their lineage or situation. Each Sorcerer subclass represents a different origin for this power, whether it be divine inheritance or the chaotic fluctuations of wild magic.

Wizards of the dragonline call upon the power of the titular juggernauts of the game, whether through direct parentage or through a pact that has affected the character’s lineage. One of the three original Witch Origins included in the Player’s Manual, the dragonline is a solid foundation for a character specializing in elemental damage. Here are the best options for such a build, from ability scores and feats to metamagic and spells.

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Prioritize the charisma and build of the dragonline wizard

A sorcerer’s casting ability score is Charisma, making it the most important for building. It also allows the wizard to act as the “face” of the group, performing social controls outside of combat. After Charisma, try to maximize their Constitution. This boosts the character’s health while also helping them make Constitution saving throws to maintain focus on their spells. Third, Dexterity, since the character’s AC will be 13 + Dexterity due to his Draconic Resilience subclass trait. Wisdom should be fourth as it affects passive Perception checks, while Intelligence trumps Strength as it affects more skill checks.

Dragonborn is the best and most obvious racial choice

While Tasha’s Cauldron of EverythingNew Racial Ability Score increase options make choosing the “right” race less necessary than before, it is still important to choose one that works with the character’s class and subclass rather than against she. Any race with a bonus to Charisma will help, but the best option for a wizard of the dragonline is also the most obvious: the Dragonborn, especially the revised Dragonborn featured in the Dragon options Unearthed from the arcane. These allow the player to put a +2 in Charisma and a +1 in Constitution while playing in the flavor of the subclass. They can also choose between Metallic, Chromatic, or Gem Dragon subraces.

While all of the options are good, Amethyst Gem Dragons gain rare resistance to force damage and a breathing weapon that deals them. They also have access to telepathy, an underrated feature that can help a group coordinate without needing to speak out loud. It also bypasses the need to share a tongue with a creature. If that wasn’t enough, Gem Dragonborn can steal one minute per day, replicating the effect of a third-level spell, but with a limited time. If any Dungeon Masters are tired of using uncovered Arcana, the revised Dragonborn race will be revised and released in the next one. Fizban’s Dragon Treasure source book.

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Elemental Adept is an essential feat for a wizard of the dragonline

While Wizards will want to use the increases in their Ability Score to maximize Charisma and increase other Ability Scores, players should also consider taking an Achievement to improve their build. The Fifth Edition has a huge list of choices, but only a few are specifically useful for a wizard of the dragonline. The Elemental Adept is the most powerful, slightly increasing the damage of spells of a specific elemental type while allowing them to ignore resistance. The options presented are acid, cold, fire, lightning, and thunder, but only cold, fire, and lightning are good options. Others are hampered by the class’s limited spell selection.

War Caster is another good feat, helping the wizard to focus on spells while still allowing him to use his empowered minor spells for attacks of opportunity. Adept at the metamagic of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything is meant to allow other classes to play around with the wizard’s metamagic options, but it’s just as good for the wizard himself. This allows them to expand their range of metamagic options with the added benefit of two additional sorcery points. Good metamagic options are paired spells and empowered spells.

Dragonline Sorcerer Metamagic can cheat damage types

Sorcerer D&D 5E

The wizard has an additional customization option beyond the other classes of spellcasters: metamagic. With two at third level and two more earned at 10th and 17th levels, wizards ultimately end up with four known options for modifying their spell traits using witchcraft points.

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Most important for this version is the transmuted spell of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. This allows the wizard of the dragonline to change the damage type of any spell to the preferred elemental damage type he has chosen for his dragon ancestry. Other good options are Quicken Spell (to cast a spell and a minor spell in the same turn), Careful Spell (to avoid hitting allies with powerful splash damage effects), and Subtle Spell (to cast spells. on the fly without anyone noticing).

Choose spells that let the wizard rain down elemental destruction

D&D Meteor Swarm launched on a fantasy castle

The most important part of any caster build is its spell selection. While wizards can learn fewer spells from a smaller pool than other caster classes, the dragonline wizard makes up for this by relying on a narrow subset of elemental damage spells.

If they chose fire for their trait of dragon ancestry, the essential spells are Burning Beam, Fireball, Wall of Fire, and Immolate. If they choose Cold, they need to make sure they grab Ice Knife, Ice Storm, and Cone of Cold. Lightning Specialists should take Witch Bolt, Lightning Bolt, and Chain Lightning. While fire is by far the best of these options, the transmute spell will let any other build make up for their limited selection by taking fire spells and changing them to cold or lightning.

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