Darkest Dungeon 2: How to unlock all characters

Each character in Darkest Dungeon 2 has their own unique identity and role in combat, and bringing them all together is extremely rewarding.

There are four characters unlocked by default in Darkest Dungeon 2. They are the man at arms, the plague doctor, the highwayman and the grave robber. Each of them have unique skills and abilities on the battlefield, and stories that players can uncover throughout the game. Together they make a fairly balanced team, offering a good mix of damage, damage, fighting abilities. support and debuffs to the enemy team.

Besides the four starting characters, there are five more that can be unlocked. Some fill roles similar to the starter group, while others are more unique and lend themselves to specific play styles. These are the Runaway, the Hellion, the Occultist, the Leper, and the Goblin. More will be added later, as the game is currently in Early Access, but so far the only real new hero in the Darkest Dungeon the franchise is the Runaway.


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Many players may want to unlock some of these characters to take advantage of their unique playstyles. Some may even want to unlock them all just so they can say they have. Whatever the reason, there are a variety of perks to having a diverse cast of characters available to players, and luckily unlocking them is pretty straightforward.

How to unlock all characters in Darkest Dungeon 2

All the characters from Darkest Dungeon 2 are unlocked via the player profile ranking. Fortunately, the only thing needed to increase the profile ranking is hope, which is earned simply by playing the game. After death or the end of a race, hope is added and can lead to an increase in rank. At the start of the game, multiple leaderboards can easily occur in a single round, so players don’t need to be intimidated or hyper-focused on building up enough hope to rank. Playing the game as usual will suffice.

Here is the list of ranks needed to unlock each hero:

Players can unlock the new addition, the Runaway, fairly early on at Rank 6. This will make it easier to take advantage of the one hero not included in the original. Darkest dungeon, even for those who aren’t determined to unlock every character. Hope can be accumulated in a number of ways, such as completing missions, killing villains, keeping the torch burning, advancing the wagon, and helping NPCs. The more players are able to cross, the more hope they will bring back after their death or the end of the race. It’s about progressing as far as possible, and hope will come simply as a result of achieving the goals of the game.

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Darkest Dungeon 2 is available in early access on PC.

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