Dai’s Adventure now available in Puzzle & Dragons



Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai has officially made its way into the Puzzles & Dragons mobile dungeon crawler. In this limited-time collaboration, players will be able to enjoy unique cross-over rewards, including access to the following:

  • Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure dungeon will give players a chance to receive collaboration items like the Dragon Crest – Gold medal.
  • The adventure of the Dai challenge! Provides first-time floor cleaning rewards and Dai’s Adventure Memorial Egg Machine raffle for completing the dungeon.
  • Special difficult course from Master Avan! Dungeon will reward players with Avan’s badge for clearing all seven floors.
  • Total battle on the island of Valge! is a special dungeon with powerful enemies to challenge like Hadlar!

Players can shoot The Adventure of Dai Memorial Egg Machine or the 7 Magic Stones! The adventure of Dai Egg Machine to recruit powerful warriors like ★ 8 Dai, ★ 8 Baran, ★ 7 Popp, ★ 7 Maam, ★ 6 Crocodine, ★ 6 Zaboera, and more.

All users who log in during the duration of the event can get a free draw of The Adventure of Dai Memorial Egg Machine, as well as Avan’s disciple, Dai. Level up with these special packs available during the event:

  • 20 magic stones + Leona egg machine: A draw of the Leona Egg Machine and 20 Magic Stones for $ 19.99 USD.
  • 20 magic stones! ★ 7-8 Dai Egg Machine Adventure: ★ 7-8 Dai’s Adventure Egg Machine raffle and 20 Magic Stones for $ 19.99 USD.
  • 1 Magic Stone + The Adventure of Dai Egg Machine: One draw of The Adventure of Dai Egg Machine and 1 Magic Stone for $ 0.99 USD.

Players can get the Adventure of Dai Orbs skin when they first receive Leona! The Adventure of Dai Orbs Skin decorates your orbs with characters from the popular series including Dai, Popp, Maam, Leona and Hyunckel.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai starts today and ends later this month on November 21. For more information, go to the game official site.

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