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For the editor:

Many people have little involvement in prisons, jails or detention centers, so a three-part video and report by Allen Brown to the Intercept ( titled Climate and Punishment is educational. It shows how climate change is affecting the 6,500 facilities in the United States

Rising temperatures are affecting facilities in Texas and Florida, as well as other southern states. Wildfires are endangering inmates in California, as well as Florida and Texas. Floodwaters are endangering inmates in Florida and other states.

Many facilities are overcrowded and most have inadequate evacuation plans. It will be necessary to reduce the prison population and close vulnerable institutions as well as modernize those that remain to cope with the increasing risks of extreme heat, etc. Failure to do so will result in unnecessary loss of life and increased wrongful death lawsuits.

Tackling climate change will also be necessary to prevent the Earth’s temperature from rising above 2 degrees Celsius compared to 300 years ago and making a bad situation worse.

John Kluge

New Ulm

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