Ceremony at Nation D-Day Memorial in Bedford honors prisoners of war


BEDFORD, Virginia – Veterans, family and friends gathered today at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford to recognize those who are lost, but not forgotten.

The third Friday in September is the day we have set aside to honor prisoners of war and those missing in action.

Raymond Blanton, Ralph Cole, Henry Ellis, Andrew Schmitz and Bobbie Ray Daniels – These are the names of the last five heroes who have finally come home.

In honoring them, we also remember the more than 80,000 people who still have not done so and the families who are still waiting for answers.

“He came to the bedroom that morning to say goodbye,” Clif Daniels says. “He walked past my bed, bent down and grabbed my big toe and said, ‘I’ll see you big boy. It was the last of him.

Clif Daniels was just five years old when his brother, Bobbie Ray Daniels, went missing in action during the Korean War. After 70 years, her brother is finally home.

“I always said ‘Wait and you will hear the answer.'”

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Daniels finally received the farewell he deserves with military rights and honors on Friday. He was recognized at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford among other prisoners of war and those still unaccounted for.

“My prayers go out to the families every day because I know there are thousands,” Daniels says. “For me, I am so grateful that the curtain has closed.”

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