Carey high school senior hopes her senior project will become an annual tradition


CAREY, Idaho (KMVT / KSVT) – A high school student from Carey has created a renaissance fair for her senior project and is already looking forward to making it an annual tradition.

Richaela Peck created a renaissance fair for her senior project because she was always interested in the time and wanted to share her enthusiasm with others.

The assembly was not easy.

“I tried to get people from all over the place, but some people were like we have an event next week, we can’t get hurt, and stuff like that,” Peck said.

Peck and his mentor Emily Knowles worked for months on the two-day event which featured historical costumes, music and performances for all ages.

“It was just a few conversations where we talked about some things and helped think, but she really led it all, took care of all the issues that arose, but she did a great and phenomenal job. “Knowles said.

The event was very well attended on Friday with more than 200 people, and the 17-year-old is already thinking of making her high school project an annual celebration.

“Everyone hopes so too, the feedback we have received today has been really great, everyone is excited for another year, more and more hopefully,” said Peck.

All proceeds raised during the 2-day fair are donated to the American Cancer Society.

“My family was hit hard with cancer recently, my dad got it and so did my uncle, and I had parents who died from it,” Peck said.

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