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categorizing the “medieval dynasty” into a certain type of game proves to be much more difficult than hunting deer with sticks. It’s part survival, part sandbox simulation, part city-building strategy, and certainly very medieval. In the game, we start as a landless young man on the outskirts of a town. The young man begins to learn how to collect sticks and stones, make an axe, chop down a tree, harvest a reed and build a house. But this is where “Medieval Dynasty” ceases to be a high quality “Minecraft”.

The young man quickly realizes that he is hungry and can no longer live in isolation to feed himself. The game now introduces quests. This brought us into contact with different people who live in prosperous villages nearby. The young man must earn the favor of his fellow NPCs, so he can build his legacy. Fighting beasts, building a small village and razing bushes, days turn into nights, weeks and seasons. The young man becomes an old man. But his legacy lives on, that is, if he manages to find a soul mate fast enough.

‘Medieval Dynasty’ has several virtues, the best of which is ease of customization. At any point in the game, we can choose to decide how relaxing or stimulating we would like our experience to be. Hunger-thirst-stamina triad sensitivity and restrictive inventory capacity can all be removed if we want a peaceful gaming experience. Yes, it’s cool that the game allows us to build windmills to double our supply of flour.

But have you come across a game that can switch from first to third person seamlessly? The average survival gamer wouldn’t agree, but I think it’s cool that “Medieval Dynasty” lets me enjoy realistic medieval pastures while my player weaves through a forest. My only complaint is that it doesn’t allow a female character start option – hopefully this will be fixed in future updates, unless the creators of “Medieval Dynasty” consider women as non-existent entities before 1500 AD.

After more than a year in early access, the game is available on PC. If you’re a survival/simulation enthusiast, “Medieval Dynasty” is enjoyable in its current form and well worth a try.

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