Burbank airport concerned about high-speed rail, but rail authority approves plan

Several serious concerns emerged this week over the impact of California’s planned high-speed rail on Hollywood Burbank Airport, Burbank’s water supply and massive commercial development if construction continues on a proposed route of 13.7 miles through the region.

Despite the problems, the California High-Speed ​​Rail Authority approved its route plan on Thursday. In a series of unanimous votes, the council certified environmental documents that would set out the project’s future path from Burbank to downtown Los Angeles’ Union Station, which would include two tracks and a 50-foot-deep subway station near from Hollywood Burbank Airport – when and if funding is ongoing.

State officials said they had carefully reviewed the impacts along the route, a process that had taken 15 years, and it was time to certify the documents. The railway authority says the project would reduce air pollution, reduce energy consumption, reduce traffic congestion, improve transport and boost the economy. The segment would cost $4.3 billion to build, including the station which would be about 200 feet from a future airport passenger terminal and about two miles of tunnels near Burbank.

South of Burbank, the route would be located along an existing right-of-way used by Metrolink. A future cycle path should be diverted. Sound barriers would help reduce, but not eliminate, significant noise impacts. Twelve residences and 133 businesses will be taken, the document says. Several new grade separations along the alignment would eliminate level crossings and some other streets would be closed.

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