Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Destiny 2 event brings major armor changes that will allow for a full loadout swap

In his habit Update “This week at Bungie”, the developer described some substantial quality of life changes coming to Destiny on its 30th anniversary next week. Next to some enticing images of the official Destiny 2 Twitter account and the Steam page Teasing the paid elements of the version, for many players one of the most exciting changes will be how armor management works.

Up until now, changing your Guardian’s loadout has been an extremely cumbersome process, requiring you to swap stat mods one at a time at the expense of in-game currency. With the update coming next Tuesday, this process won’t go away. ‘the Glimmer motto will no longer demand. As a result, third-party item managers will then be able to swap armor mods, select weapon perks, gear shaders, and even cosmetic adornments, allowing considerably greater control over your Guardians through desktop apps. and mobiles.

This API change seems certain to activate equipment management tools, such as the shiny Destiny Item Manager, to extend existing loading functionality, allowing almost every aspect to be changed without the horrible faff currently involved. This seems like a huge convenience advantage that brings Destiny closer to other contemporary MMOs.

“While this may not be a solution to all of the build feedback elements, it is a step forward as the team seeks to seize build and load opportunities for Destiny 2 at the future, ”Bungie wrote. “The team will also be looking at resets and costs for artifact mods in the future, but swapping general armor mods is a great first step.”

Bungie hasn’t given more details on the content of the 30th anniversary event, but the few screenshots available paint a pretty exciting picture of the new three-player dungeon coming to the game.

(Image credit: Bungie)

In an image from the official Destiny 2 Twitter account, we can see former alien arms dealer Xur in the company of a celestial horse (previously seen at the end of Invitations of the Nine of 2019). They appear to be in an interior area of ​​the Nine Realms, the same setting as the Prophecy Dungeon and the ancient six-person Reckoning event. There is also a Ferris wheel with the symbols of various Destiny factions on the spokes.

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guards entering a treasure chamber

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guardians inside a treasure chamber

(Image credit: Bungie)

In the screenshots above, you can see Guardians on either side of a gateway to a vast horde of treasure, also apparently in the Nine Realms. Xur can be distinguished in the image of Guardians entering the vault, and the Celestial Horse appears again in the image of Guardians already in the area.

(Image credit: Bungie)

This latest screenshot shows the interior of a cave in the Cosmodrome, with cosmetic background versions of the iconic Destiny engrams strewn about.

“Loot the new three-player dungeon inspired by the famous loot caves of the Cosmodrome of yesteryear,” reads the description on the Steam page of the Grasp of Greed dungeon. “Uncover a tale of riches and regret as you follow an adventurer who trades his humanity for treasure.”

I wasn’t initially sure if these screenshots were from the upcoming dungeon, the upcoming “Dares of Eternity” free activity, or a mix of the two. At this point, I’m pretty sure the screenshots all represent Grasp rather than Dares. The previous preview material on the dungeon called it a “pirate-themed” celebration of the legendary Destiny 1 loot cave. You can make out a huge ship cannon and anchor in the treasure horde, which makes me happy. leads to conclude that these images are screenshots of the dungeon and that they will see you move from the cosmodrome to the nine extra-dimensional realms.

The presence of Xur, as well as the mention of an “adventurer who has exchanged his humanity” brings me to and others to speculate that Grasp of Avarice could finally reveal the backstory of the mysterious seller, a point of speculation since Destiny’s release in 2014. We’ll have to wait until December 7 when the anniversary event begins to know for sure, as well as to find out what’s going on with “Dares of Eternity”. One thing we do know for sure is that the iconic exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn will return as part of the event, and based on the clues the developers at Bungie have dropped, I expect a fairly spicy return.

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