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Buddy F. Partridge, Jr
November 27, 1946 – August 16, 2021
Bow, Wash .– Buddy Fritz Partridge, Jr went to Heaven on 8/16/2021. He was surrounded by a lot of love, great stories, classic rock (his favorite), eagles flying by a ton of gratitude and prayers… it was best possible under the circumstances (minus way too much farewell missed).
Buddy was born on November 27, 1946 in Maywood, California. He lived an incredible childhood with his parents who loved him very much. His father Buddy (Fritz Partridge, Sr) was in World War II and contracted with the US Navy all over the world after his service. His mother Helen (Louise Partridge) was an absolute delight, dancing with troupes until her 80s. She called him Buddy Boy. Buddy has always said he had the best in our nation’s history… the good times, the simplicity of sock hop, biking to the beach to surf, hanging out with his cousins ​​and sneaking around. Cinnamon Cinder (as a miner) to dance to, and forever enjoy the hot Southern California days. He also had an older sister, Priscilla Partridge de Garcia who had an awesome big family who loved Buddy very much, they called her Uncle Buggy.
Buddy was drafted during the Vietnam War in 1966 and was stationed in Germany. His job worked directly under the Commander-in-Chief “On Air” who distributed daily news, statistics, advisories and announcements, much like Mash’s Radar. His 1st wife Francis (Fran) accompanied him to Germany and they lived some of his most memorable moments, they lived on “the economy”. Fran was a model, actress and clothing store owner in Manhattan Beach, maintaining the connection with Southern California, keeping the Partridge name until just a few years ago… they were friends until she passed away. in April 2021, he was heartbroken and loved her. dearly.
Bud’s career as a lineman began in Compton, California. He loved the high life, climbing poles, bringing power to people and presenting himself in storms as a true first responder. When his family moved to WA, he worked for Puget Power after the March 2002 merger with Potelco. This career allowed lifelong friendships and through storms they were like family. He ended his career in Seattle as a foreman, tearing down the viaduct, burying all the cables in this massive project, keeping the lineman up to code, bringing 115,000 volt overhead lines to the basement, and helping to shape Seattle’s current skyline. There weren’t a lot of Poles in Northwest Washington that you could go through and Buddy didn’t have a story to work on. He always said he was the highest paid grunt ever, always ahead of the game and handing you the tool you need next.
Buddy is survived by his second wife Carrie Mack (Niemi), mother of Chris & Amber. They met in 1974 and were a great family unit, starting in Southern California, before moving to WA in 1980. They were amazing parents together and remained great friends after their divorce and to the day. where Buddy died. They were even roommates at one point due to unique circumstances and always kept such good attitudes with each other, even with their own spouses far away. They were a true example of how to be mature adults after divorce, always for children, it was a gift.
Buddy is also survived by his wife of over 27 years, Kathryn (Kathy) C. Partridge, she loves him very much. Sadly, they were separated when he passed away, but they spent many, many years together. Bud wasn’t the same after the brain trauma and Kathy’s challenges with her leg amputation. They laughed, played, traveled and had a pretty cool dachshund named Freddy. They loved their fishing and seafood trips. Kathy has a son Tim, this Buddy was also a fantastic step dad. Tim’s family is his wife Sanita and their daughter Sarai.
Buddy is survived by his son Christopher Partridge and his wife Dawn Rochelle (Shelly), their daughters, his granddaughters, of whom he was so proud, Riley and Heather. Buddy and his son were basically best friends. He taught his son to survive, to ride a mountain bike, to fish, to hunt, to camp and to take full advantage of the great outdoors. They had countless amazing memories and Chris cherished his father. Shelly is Bud’s favorite ‘Renton Girl’ and they had a relationship full of trust, laughter, friendship and so much father / daughter-in-law love. Bud’s granddaughters were the light of his life. Riley is in the United States Navy and he couldn’t be more proud of her. Buddy took Riley on a train across the United States from WA State to Washington DC to introduce her to her new boss before she started training camp, it was an unforgettable trip. They were super close. Heather and her Papa Buddy were very close, sharing private jokes, secrets inside, and matching Old Souls. She was instrumental in her recovery from her traumatic brain injury, they became roommates and she loves him very much. His granddaughters each have owl tattoos in honor of their dad because he loved owls and collected them. Apparently he and his grandfather did too.
Buddy is also survived by his daughter Amber Louise Soria and his son-in-law Daniel-Son (Bud’s name for Danny) Soria, his dear friend. Amber is an official and proud daddy’s girl! She also feels like she had the best childhood of her life due to growing up with this amazing guy, he was amazing at Holidays, Birthdays & Everything he did. He taught her how to wake up happy every day, maintain his off-road motorcycle, change his own oil, survive in the woods, camp, fish, shoot guns, play hard and everything a daddy should teach his little girl. She was so blessed to have him as a father. They traveled the planet together, had some of her most incredible memories in life, and were able to help her on her natural journey to fight cancer during her final years here. Fortunately, it has been 4 months in Maui recently that Amber and her father have lived together, it was magical. His son-in-law Danny also got to join Maui and they were great friends, he was Danny’s dad and they had an amazing relationship. His big dog Otis was truly his best friend (says Otis), a classic chocolate lab and grandpa style sweetheart, Otis was by his side every step of the way.
He will be sadly missed by his cousins, aunts, nephews, nieces, brother / sister in (out 🙂 laws, friends, noted family, his Union siblings and everyone who was lucky enough to come across this amazing human being. .
Buddy was battling brain cancer after having thyroid cancer that metastasized into his brain. Unfortunately, this led to multiple surgery failures, a gamma knife radiation therapy procedure with major complications which led to an emergency craniotomy and brain trauma. Buddy kept Cancer at Bay, naturally without surgery or radiation, for about a year with great dedication and confidence in his health. In the end, his final days he was living alone in brand new digs, fell and fractured his hip, went to the hospital, and was okay on his way from the Comfort Care hospice to when he died. He was surrounded by his nephew, Jesse Mack with whom he had an incredible relationship and his daughter, son-in-law and large dog at their home in Bow, WA.
Buddy lived every minute like it was a gift, and to enjoy EVERYTHING. Family, life, work, friends were Bud’s number 1 and he would do anything for you, he was an absolute gem of a human being and everyone who crossed his path remembers him. He would always look you in the eye, he would bring the light and the funniest guy to have at your party. If you met him you would gravitate around him, his energy was infectious, full of laughter and entertaining. He was skillful, an engineer in mind, intelligent, incredible at drawing, had a vivid imagination and was full of dreams and inventions. He was also a very proud American and loved his country.
Please help us celebrate the life of Buddy @ BUD FEST July 1-3, 2022 @ Larrabee State Park @ 245 Chuckanut Dr, Bellingham. There will be a Veteran Honors Ceremony, Free RVs / Camps, Discovery Buds Passes, music, events, games, amazing food and so many great memories please do join us! More to come, check out Shelly Partridge’s Facebook page for more information.

Published by Bellingham Herald on October 17, 2021.

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