Badger helped archaeologists unearth a treasure trove of ancient Roman coins

A Spanish badger and a confirmed esteemed archaeologist has been credited with helping find an impressive load of ancient Roman coins.

Archaeologists unearthed over 200 pieces dated between the 3rd and 5th centuries AD in a cave in northwestern Spain (and congratulations to them). According to the director of excavations Alfonso Fanjul, a badger had built his little house in a crack in the cave wall and dug up a bunch of parts, probably when he was hunting for food.

“When we got there, we found the hole that led to the badger’s nest and the ground around it full of coins,” he (Fanjul, not the badger) told CNN.

In this situation, I really feel for the badger. There you are, looking for snacks, and all you find are big, inedible pieces of metal. They weren’t even chocolate pieces!

After being dug up by Professor Badger, the pieces were then spotted by a local man called Robert garcia.

Fanjul said the badger unearthed about 90 of the 200 coins and please someone give the little guy a paycheck! Maybe annual leave! He is a worker! He is employee of the month!

Unfortunately, the badger will not be able to keep the pieces, which are currently being cleaned and will then be exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Asturias.

I feel like this tale could be a great sequel to Wes anderson‘s Fantastic Mr. Fox film, following an adorable stop-motion badger possibly voiced by Jean Olivier. He was wearing a little hat and holding a magnifying glass, I can see him now.

Please, somebody ask Wes to call me.

According to the BBC, archaeologists called the collection of pieces “exceptional”.

“The quantity of pieces recovered, as well as the indisputable archaeological interest of the transition to the early Middle Ages, make the treasure discovered at Bercio an exceptional find”, they declared.

Good for them, but above all, congratulations to this incredible, historically important badger. I hope he’s enjoying some berries somewhere.

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