Astria Ascendant Guide: How to Complete Hunts


Hunts are a special activity that you can do in Astria Ascendant. Once you start one, you’ll be able to fight generic bosses (just tougher variations of regular enemies you’ve faced before). These battles are both difficult and rewarding. here is our Astria Ascendant guide to help you complete hunts.

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Astria Ascendant guide: How to complete hunts

To start Hunts in Astria Ascendant, simply visit a guild and talk to the NPC there. For example, Harmonia’s is on the market. The first hunt you will have access to is called “Every Night”, unlocked after completing the Sewer Dungeon in Peyska Spring.

If you check out the description of the hunt, you’ll see where we need to go (in this case, we’ll return to Peyska Sewer Dungeon). There we can fight the boss Motherabe, who grants skill points (SP), experience points (XP) and his own J-Ster token.

Hunting targets tend to be a lot harder than most enemies you’ll face at this particular stage of the game. As such, be sure to take a look at the dungeon map. Hunting targets are represented by diamond symbols with a demon or monster icon (assuming you’ve already visited the chamber they’re in).

This should help you remember where to look for your targets. Because they’re harder than regular mobs, you might want to revisit their exact locations later when you’re better prepared.

Astria Ascending Hunts Guide 2

Last but not least, it’s also a good idea to recheck guild buildings as you progress through Astria Ascendantcampaign of. As you reach the final chapters, new hunts will also be available.

For example, the same guild in the Harmonia market might have “Run Devil Run”. This is a fight against the Migmie Eater which gives four million XP.

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