Are the Prisoners of Ghostland on Netflix? Where to look


If you have not already consulted the Ghostland prisoners‘s trailer, go do it right now because this action movie looks like the action movie of the summer! The cast includes well-known actors such as Pigof Nicolas Cage as a hero, Modern loveby Sofia Boutella as Bernice, Bill Moseley as Governor and Nick Cassavetes as Psychopath. So can you find Ghostland prisoners on Netflix?

Prisoners of Ghost country is a movie about a bank robber (Hero) who is released from prison by a rich man (The Governor) to save his adopted granddaughter (Bernice) from a supernatural universe called Ghostland. Hero has five days to bring Bernice back to the Governor, or he’ll explode because of the leather suit he’s forced to wear on his quest.

The film is considered an action flick, but looking at the trailer it seems to include some comedic elements. And an action comedy seems like a good movie to watch with family and / or friends.

The question that many people want to know the answer to is whether Ghostland prisoners is on Netflix. We tell you where to watch this neo-noir action flick right here.

Can you watch Prisoners of Ghostland on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Ghostland prisoners is not available to stream on Netflix. To be completely honest, the action movie hasn’t even been released yet. However, the movie is distributed by RLJE Films, so maybe somewhere later Netflix will make a deal with them and have access to streaming. Ghostland prisoners on their streaming platform.

However, if you are looking for a good action movie, Netflix has it all and more. Netflix Original Movies Extraction, The old guard and 6 Underground are all great substitutes and will always have you invested in their stories as much as Ghostland Prisoners.

Where you can watch Prisoners of Ghostland

Ghostland prisoners had its world premiere at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, just like the film Coda. It is slated for a theatrical and VOD release on September 17, 2021. Unfortunately, RLJE Films has not specified which streaming service Ghostland prisoners will be broadcast, so we’ll need to respond to you when they provide that information.

While you wait for updates on the Ghostland prisoners, try watching the Netflix movies I suggested above. You will enjoy them all. I promise!

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