All Mokoko Seed locations in Lastra Forest dungeon in Lost Ark

Lastra Forest is a lost ark dungeon you will come across while walking around Sunbright Hill. This will lead directly to another dungeon, so it might be confusing to know if all the seeds are in that part of the dungeon, but that’s really the case.

There are seven Mokoko Seeds to collect in the Lastra Forest Dungeon, and they can all be earned on your first achievement without too much trouble. If you are entering this dungeon for the first time, be aware that you will later unlock Mokoko Village, the area where you can exchange the Mokoko Seed Counter for rewards.

Here are all the Mokoko Seed locations in the Lastra Forest Dungeon at lost ark.

All Mokoko Seed locations in Lastra Forest Dungeon

Screenshot via Smilegate | Remix by Eva Martinello

As you might guess, the tricky part of collecting seeds in this dungeon is finding the four outside of the main path. However, they are all hidden in the same secret passage.

You will be able to see the southernmost seed, but it will be the last one you will get from the passage. Rather than looking for a path directly in front of the seed, you’ll need to head farther before you can find it.

Run along the wall until you reach the platform change, and you’ll see the entrance to the hidden passage there. You will have to run on the path and collect the four seeds on your way.

The other seeds are easier to collect.

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