A guide to free and event dungeons in the kingdom of Makai: recovery and rebound

Makai Kingdom: recovery and rebound is, in some ways, two games in one. It’s a strange thing to open, especially now that it’s offered as part of a two-pack alongside another game entirely in Prinny Presents Volume 2. But it’s true.

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You have the story, which requires a relatively thin degree of grinding in order to chart a comfortable path for Lord Zetta to reunite with his body and show the cosmos who’s boss. And then you have Free dungeons and similar modes, which can take you hundreds of hours to complete and bring your party’s levels well into the thousands.


With so much of the Makai Kingdom experience surrounding it, we think it’s only natural to review what you can expect from Free Dungeons – as well as Event Dungeons and Happy Dungeons. It’s dungeons for days.

Free dungeons are the meatiest mode in Makai Kingdom

In Makai Kingdom, you can complete the main story in, say, 25 hours. It seems short, but it’s doable; with 56 battle stages and a few hours of entertaining cutscenes intertwined, you’d do about ten with combat, another three or four (we’re totally estimating here, don’t take it as gospel) with story sequences, and then the rest is for DIY with home base, customize your party, wish facilities. This thing.

Of course, given that Makai Kingdom is from Nippon Ichi, the creators of the ever-popular Disgaea series, it stands to reason that there would be hundreds of hours of gameplay available for gamers who want to dig not just a little deeper , but one ground After. This is where free dungeons come in. They can range from one floor to 100, with the latter being almost double what the main story boasts.

These are, to some extent, randomly generated dungeons, so they were undoubtedly at least a little easier to design than the plot stages when Makai Kingdom was in development. We say “to some extent” because the layout of each free dungeon is dictated largely by what level a character has reached and how much mana they have. Free dungeons are created by making a wish with Lord Zetta and selecting the character whose mana will be depleted by x cost to create y dungeon layout. It’s a bit of an algebraic expression, but hopefully it conveys to you the creative variation therein.

Tips for beating free dungeons

You’ll want to enter the longer dungeons with a chef’s food buffs active to maximize experience points. Understand that this is going to cost you thousands of mana to generate once your party reaches around level 100, but the payoff is huge. If you successfully complete a large free dungeon with solid food, you will double that number almost every time.

One thing you won’t want to do is bludgeon all the enemies you encounter. Instead, focus on scavenging for treasure, with fights occurring if necessary along the way. Remember that Makai Kingdom stages are cleared when you’ve accrued a set number of points, many of which will be yours simply by picking up valuable items (or destroying less than valuable items like shrubs and the like).

It’s tempting to think that facing all your enemies will further increase your experience, so why not, right? The fact is that until you are very highly leveled, these bogeys will eventually wear you down until hopes are dashed to actually complete the free dungeon. It’s not bueno. This will get you the lion’s share of your upgrade much more cheaply, and you can keep the loot to boot.

Finally, do not start Free Dungeons with your party inside the facilities. It’s sad, we know that. But many stages prevent Zetta from summoning facilities, which means your team is stuck on the sidelines. In extreme cases, when everyone on the team was locked in buildings of their choosing, Zetta is just a sitting duck. Things are getting ugly. Fast.

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Happy Dungeons… aren’t the meatiest mode in Makai Kingdom

You only have a handful of these so-called Happy Dungeons per game. Now, since Makai Kingdom is best enjoyed by completing multiple “cycles” – i.e. story replays with an increasingly powerful group to unlock additional endings and compete in Event Dungeons – you can take advantage of it in every race. And you should. But yes. These are very limited cases.

But these are happy affairs. if you know what you are doing. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t make it obvious, so we won’t deny it – we totally messed it up here the first time around. Happy Dungeons are single-story stages with simplistic layouts. The enemies are all on one side, and they’re not the most menacing beasts in the cosmos, to say the least. The treasure is on the other side. You are ready to collect as many as possible, ideally everything of it, then you leave the stage (or defeat the remaining enemies) because you’ve presumably earned enough points for Zetta to point out that you can leave.

Don’t make the mistake of inadvertently engaging the enemy and finishing them off first. And don’t arrive here without pockets as empty as possible, so you can reliably grab every last price. Keep these little tricks in mind, and you’re golden for a good time. Happy times, even.

Event dungeons are for replays

We can keep this last section short and sweet by simply saying, “skip event dungeons completely on your first playthrough of Makai Realm.” And if, for some reason, you’re not at all interested in additional context, then you can click Exit and be done with this article. It is very good! You have gleaned the most important information here.

For the rest of you, here’s the bottom line: most of them can’t be desired before replays, and the few that can will be well above your group’s pay grade until until they have greatly increased in strength. Event dungeons are fabulous. They have a lot of loot, and more importantly, this is how you’ll recruit the majority of Makai Kingdom’s unique characters. But these characters are powerful. Many aren’t available to fight until your second time in the game. Others require your third, fourth, or even your fifth.

Just keep a close eye on the Make A Wish mechanic to see what’s going on per game. You’ll be able to estimate the power of your next boss battle based on the level and mana requirements of the character you choose to wish on, so follow those parameters for ease. Also equip your finest wares!

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