8 Incredible Tuscan Villas You Can Rent In Italy

Centuries ago, the Tuscan countryside was dotted with agricultural estates and fortifications. The same is true today thanks to Italy’s remarkable efforts to preserve its history. The structures remain but their purposes have changed (although many villas here still have olive trees and other sources of agricultural wealth).

Many agree that Italy is the best country in the world to spend your holidays. All of its provinces are wonderful, but Tuscany has won plenty of accolades over the years as the country’s most attractive region. This is thanks to its beautiful landscapes, sustainable cuisine and many charming towns and villages.

Florence, its largest city, was the center of the Renaissance, a legacy that lives on through the city’s architecture and museums. Siena is also a beautiful medieval town with many fine restaurants offering truffles. Although most famous for its faulty tower, Pisa has many sites to visit. But beyond those, there are dozens of lesser-known towns filled with excellent examples of Italian architecture and slices of history and culture (the culinary-type slices are especially delicious).

Relatively small, all of Tuscany is accessible by car from any corner of the region, so a villa in Pisa doesn’t preclude a day in the mountains. Tuscany is worth visiting any time of the year, but don’t expect hot Tuscan sunshine if you come in winter. Spring and the beginning of autumn are the most pleasant seasons and therefore the busiest.

To prepare for the trip of a lifetime, here is a list of eight Tuscan villas you can rent on Vrbo. Covering a geographic and stylistic range, there is something for everyone on this list, as of course there is in Tuscany itself.

Villa Maestrale

Rent now$1,404/avg per night

A hidden circle of paradise in an already heavenly land, Villa Maestrale is a coastal villa ready to take your breath away. The property is surrounded by over 2 square miles of private gardens beyond which is a much larger nature reserve. A pebble beach awaits you at the end of a private road. The estate is shared with a second villa of equal size, but there is plenty of room for everyone.

Guests are encouraged to arrange a boat trip to nearby islands so they don’t miss the fact that Tuscany is beautiful on land and sea. The house is furnished in a modern style but full of timeless Italian flourishes, namely the beautiful marble that adorns the bathrooms and countertops.

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms : 5

Sleeping: ten

The Valley

Rent now$1,500/avg per night

Dating back to the 16th century, this lovingly restored villa promises its guests an unforgettable exploration of the Italian way of life as well as the Tuscan countryside. The property consists of an old farmhouse and a watchtower that were once associated with the local castle. It is only 20 km from Florence.

The historic structure is complemented by extravagant traditional furnishings, emphasizing 18th century antiques. Modern features have been added, including a steam shower and an outdoor swimming pool. From the marble bathrooms to the rich decorative fabrics, the house is a showcase of the material beauty of Europe. There is natural beauty too, seen across the villa grounds and in the views of the surrounding countryside.

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms : 5

Sleeping: ten

Villa Dora

Rent now$1,578/avg per night

Luxury brings with it a sense of renewed vitality. This can be experienced easily at Villa Dora, an exquisite property in the Siena area. Stunning inside and out, the villa is an incomparable place to find new joy not only in Tuscany, but in life itself.

The pool is a lesson in elegance. Guests will appreciate the promise of relaxation offered by the sauna and Turkish baths after a day of sightseeing. The kitchen includes a beautiful island and counters. With four bedrooms fitted with fine beds and an equal number of bathrooms, the house promises comfort and space for any small group.

Although Villa Dora is undeniably beautiful, don’t let it stop you from exploring Tuscany. Visitors don’t need to stray. The medieval city of St. Gimigianoa few kilometers away, is a rare pearl with a skyline straight out of a fantasy novel.

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms : 4

Sleeping: seven

Villa Tantafera

Rent now$910/mo per night

On a hill overlooking Florence is Villa Tantafera, a residence whose charms come from its origins in the 15th century. The estate consists of 5 hectares of terraced gardens dotted with fountains, century-old olive trees and beautiful lemon trees. The house boasts high ceilings and a delightful blend of contemporary and classic design (the kitchen is built to modern tastes while the living areas and bedrooms lean towards the rustic glamor that Tuscany is famous for). The house has seven bedrooms, five of which have king or queen beds (the remaining pair are smaller and better suited for younger guests).

Florence Cathedral is stunning from afar and up close. Guests will discover this by gazing down at the city below and catching sight of the great dome rising from the city.

Bedrooms: seven

Bathrooms : seven

Sleeping: 13

Villa Renaissance Wine Estate

Rent now$617/mo per night

Many beautiful villas are found nestled among the vineyards of Tuscany. As rich and tasteful as the wines themselves, this splendid villa outside Lucca is an excellent Tuscan base for lovers of wine and life. Set on a wine estate, guests can enjoy the beauty of the area outside and appreciate the exuberant Italian style of the villa.

The house has a variety of bedrooms; the sizes are different but the level of splendor is almost uniform. Naturally, the house has a swimming pool and a gourmet restaurant recently opened on the estate.

Just 5 minutes from the walls of Lucca, all of Tuscany is at your fingertips, less than an hour away by car.

Bedrooms: 9

Bathrooms : seven

Sleeping: 18

The Villas in Burlamacchi

Rent now$2,189/avg per night

A pair as legendary and grand as Romulus and Remus, Burlamacchi’s twin villas promise your guests a vacation like no other. Nestled at the gates of Tuscany in the mountains bordering Emilia-Romagna, the villas are incredible in every way. One dates from the 15th century; the other is a Victorian creation.

The estate is a short walk to the local village which, although small, is full of charm and has a number of restaurants and shops, the latter being more important to most guests as the villa comes with a private chef on hand. to instruct the palettes of visitors. on the wonders of Italian cuisine. The house also has green gardens and a spa area with sauna and massages. Considering the size, the house has a wide range of rooms suitable for various guest arrangements.

Bedrooms: 11

Bathrooms : 13

Sleeping: 27

Villa outside Siena

Rent now$484/avg per night

Less than 8 km from the incomparable medieval city of Siena, this serene villa offers its guests a taste of the sweetness of life, a way of being once reserved for the most privileged nobles. Enjoy the grace of country estate living while residing just a short drive from one of Tuscany’s brightest urban gems. (Florence, the obvious rival to Siena’s claim to be the pinnacle of charm, is about an hour away by car or train).

A restored hay barn, the property recalls the agricultural past of the site, still visible today on every walk in the green park. Inside it is a beautiful mix of wooden frames and stone walls. During the renovation process, special care was taken to ensure that each of the five bedrooms receives its share of natural light (great views come with light, of course).

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms : 5

Sleeping: ten

Villa Oasis La Poiana

Rent now$367/avg per night

Although more humble than the other entries on this list, Villa la Poiana nonetheless promises guests a taste of Italy, a bite so savory and wholesome that it captures the dinner palette and leaves them wanting more. You will be able to enjoy stunning views of the countryside from the top of the hill on which the villa is located. The plot, although small, has gardens, olive trees and a lovely swimming pool.

The interior is a mix of rustic wooden beams and stone walls with modern furnishings. Ideal for a family or a small group, the house has four double bedrooms (one of which also contains a twin bed). The old village of Buti has about ten restaurants and is accessible on foot in 5 minutes. For those going further afield, the property is well placed to explore the full extent of Tuscany, with all major towns and villages reachable within an hour’s drive.

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms : 3

Sleeping: 9

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