7 tips to improve your Mythic + Dungeon skills in Wow

Before you start improving your skills, it’s important to be at the right level. As for the Mythic Dungeon bosses, you can do this once a week. Season 2 of patch 9.1 brings an increase of 26. In this case, normal dungeons will be rewarded based on the item level. No matter what your skill level, Mythic Dungeon Tools are essential for you.

Many of you just want to progress for fun while others are trying to push your limits and achieve the highest riot score. Whatever your goals are on this trip, there is one thing you should know. These dungeons are one of the key elements of the game, and accessing them is not easy. Fortunately, you can work on your game to deal with difficult situations. Then read some of our tips which will surely be of great use to you.

1. Community development

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There are two sides to the coin. In addition to technical skills, it is necessary to pay attention to others. For example, there is a community. It’s like a sports team. You can be very good at it, but you can also fail very quickly. This is a multiplayer game which means you have to stick together even if someone is weak. This is why you are always working on building the community. Invite great players from your friends list to get to know you better, because the more good players you find, the faster you will progress. Of course, it’s important to establish good communication in order to get the most out of these relationships.

Remember that it is always more important to find a player who has the right attitude than a player who only has a good game. Unfortunately, there may be weeks in which you will not progress, but even then you will have to stick together. Think of it as rule number one. You can find new players in the class discard pile, on Reddit, or elsewhere. It should be mentioned that there are even tools that will help you find the right players.

2. Use your voice

Although you may have found new players, you should work on communication with them. The first thing to do is start using your voice. This way you will really connect with each other and your trip together will be a lot more fun. The voice will only serve you for this purpose, so talk about routes, jumps, as well as a lot of things you don’t know. If you don’t ask, you will never learn. At the end of the day, you can still watch other players and keep track of what they’re doing. Read the threads regularly and don’t ignore what other players are telling you.

3. Take the lead

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This is another way to improve yourself in the game. Teaching others new things will make you better. Don’t let other players explore the route and other things on their own, become a player who will guide them and be responsible for subsequent events. It will surely help you to concentrate better, to learn a lot of things, to find good routes and jumps. You will also learn a lot about dungeons.

4. Reading skips

The more jumps you play, the better for you. Keep in mind that not all groups are able to play all dungeon jumps. However, if you familiarize yourself with the Shiny Special Staff and try not to mess things up, you can be successful. You can find a lot of jumps online.

5. Stream as much as you can

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Although you are not a streamer, you should be doing it to improve yourself. You can achieve a lot by recording your behavior while playing the game. You can watch the Dungeon experience over and over again if you record everything. This is an opportunity to improve your game by analyzing some of your actions. In this case, you will see your errors and correct actions. Plus, if you get a good boost, you can even grab viewers and start making money that way. You can see different types of boost on https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-mythic-plus-dungeons-boost

6. Learn from mistakes

Don’t worry if you make constant mistakes, but turn things around in your favor. You won’t get anything positive by using your time to get angry about it. Turn that feeling into motivation and learn from your mistakes. We’re sure you will be bothered by the messy dungeon experience at some point, but that shouldn’t affect your gameplay and mood. Otherwise, you will focus exclusively on that feeling, which will seriously affect your objectivity. You need to talk to the group about the mistakes and concentrate the next time during the game so that you don’t make them again.

Mistakes are normal and this process is necessary in order to learn something new. Since you can see a lot of negative energy in random groups, try to avoid them as much as possible. Try to see it all differently. Don’t waste time with anger, but try to figure out what you are doing wrong and why you are making mistakes.

After fixing this issue, move on to the next one and until you are the best version of yourself. For example, as a tank you can change the route plan after your party fails, and so you will learn something about the percentage of waste on adopted fly-ins the next time around. Maybe you’ll just find a better route.

7. Charging time management

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Finally, don’t forget to reduce your usability. Otherwise, your character will go crazy because of excessive energy consumption. For example, for paladins, these are wings. Of course, there are players who just calm down, which is also not recommended. In this case, they lose their big DPS. Do not follow these two examples but try to find a balance.


Remember, it’s all about your mindset, which means fun in dungeons comes first. If you manage to be successful during this time and improve your skills, you will have even more fun. However, don’t give up, even in the worst situations in the game. There are many ways to turn things around and become one of the best players in your environment.

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