50 Palestinian prisoners continue their open hunger strike

50 Palestinian prisoners on an open hunger strike to protest Israeli arbitrary administrative detention show signs of deteriorating health.

  • Palestinian prisoners continue their open hunger strike.

50 Palestinian prisoners continue their open hunger strike in Israeli occupation prisons, including administrative detainees and sentenced prisoners.

The official spokesman for the Commission of detainees and ex-detainees, Hassan Abd Rabbo, said Wafa news agency on Tuesday that the health of prisoner Kanaan Kanaan, who has been on a hunger strike for 17 days, has deteriorated and is now vomiting blood as his weight drops dramatically as the occupation refuses to transfer him to the hospital and held him in the ‘Ofer’ detention centre.

Prisoner Kanaan, from the town of Hizma in occupied Al-Quds, is a released prisoner who was arrested again by the occupation forces last August and transferred to administrative detention for a period of four months.

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Abed Rabbo also mentioned that the detainees of the “Nafha” detention center on Tuesday returned two of their meals in solidarity with the striking prisoners.

The spokesperson added that 30 prisoners began to show signs of fatigue, exhaustion, weight loss, joint pain and severe emaciation due to a lack of fluids and vitamins in the body, pointing out that prisoner Jihad Shariteh’s health condition has deteriorated as he was transferred to the Ofer prison clinic after he started vomiting blood.

28 of the 30 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike were sentenced to solitary confinement in four cells of ‘Ofer’ prison, while detained human rights defender Salah Al-Hammouri was sentenced to the same measure in the prison “Hadarim”, since Ghassan Zawahira was also sentenced to solitary confinement in Al-Naqab prison.

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On Sunday, 20 inmates joined the 30 striking inmates who are continuing their hunger strike for the 17th day, rejecting the policy of administrative detention, in addition to continuing to boycott the occupation courts to varying degrees.

As for the 20 prisoners joining the strike, Abed Rabbo said that among them, there are 10 prisoners at ‘Naqab’ prison, and 10 others at ‘Ofer’, including five administrative detainees.

This initiative comes as the enemy expands the scope of its arbitrary procedures, the number of administrative prisoners, including children, women, the elderly and the sick, exceeding 760, taking into account that 80% of prisoners administrative staff are former inmates of IOF prisons.

The number of administrative detainees is 780, including at least six minors and two female detainees, and the largest number of them are in Al-Naqab and “Ofer” prisons.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club said that the administrative detainees will continue their strike and that there is currently no indication or outcome of any ongoing dialogues with the administration of the Israeli occupation prisons.

The Prisoners Club also pointed out that the striking prisoners are awaiting the response of the occupation prison administration to their demands, confirming that new prisoners will join the strike if the demands are not met.

It should be noted that since 2015, the Israeli occupation authorities have issued more than 9,500 administrative detention orders. At the beginning of this year, the occupation issued around 1,365 administrative detention orders, the highest of which was last August, amounting to 272 arrest warrants.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club notes that since the end of 2011, prisoners have carried out more than 400 individual strikes, most of them in protest against administrative detention, pointing out that more than 80% of administrative prisoners are former prisoners who have been subjected to many times to administrative detention.

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