10 Roguelike games to check out if you liked Hades


Roguelikes are a sub-genre of video games where dungeons are more like a sandbox and will change with every attempt. How things are handled from this point on depends on the game. Initially, roguelikes were supposed to have procedurally generated levels, be turn-based, and result in permanent death, but that’s not so much the case for modern games.

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Underworld is making waves as a magnificent roguelike based on Greek mythology. Underworld bet on the player who fails again and again in his ever-changing dungeons in order to get through his complex history. For fans of this magnificent masterpiece, there are plenty of other roguelikes to scratch that random dungeon bots itch.

ten Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Drives Home The Hopelessness

The Bond of Isaac Renaissance Mort

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is just the base game, with the Wrath of the Lamb an extension that adds a few extra characters, spaces, and other bits. Bond of Isaac a weird little roguelike with a massive learning curve despite looking relatively cute.

However, Isaac’s expression is just the first clue to realizing that something is seriously wrong with the frame. It turns out to be a story of neglect and abuse, with Isaac eventually collapsing enough to attempt to escape.

9 Darkest Dungeon amplifies fear

The ruin at the end of Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon amplifies the scary factor in this gothic RPG roguelike about the psychological stress of adventure. Not only do adventurers have to explore an ever-changing world, they also have to face unimaginable horrors, famine, disease, and their own minds.

Darkest Dungeon manages to do all of this in a side-scrolling style, which only adds to the awesomeness of the game as a whole. Not to mention that the game itself is gorgeous in a dark way, somewhat reminiscent of Underworld.

8 Dead Cells is about a monster trying to escape

Dead cells takes a unique turn as its protagonist is a monster with corpses in an attempt to escape the dungeon they started in instead of being an entering adventurer. The premise looks a lot like Underworld in this regard, as the goal of both games is to escape rather than fight.

Each platform style level is unique due to the roguelike nature of the game. The player must earn cells in order to get upgrades to aid him in his escape.

7 Diablo I & II were introductions from many fans to Roguelikes

A skeletal demon commanding a horde of demons in Diablo 2: Risen

Diablo was originally one of those games that everyone was familiar with and was probably the first entry many modern gamers into the world of roguelikes. The series was once debated over whether or not it counted because it wasn’t turn-based, but it has since set a clear standard.

The player has to explore and face ultimate evils in dungeons that are never the same twice, making some games infinitely more difficult or less profitable than others. Luck helped a lot when the dungeons changed, and Diablo was one of the few games where personal skills really mattered back then.

6 FTL: Faster than light never has the same escape route

End of the FTL game

FTL: faster than light follows a large crew of refugees trying to find safety across the stars, with sensitive documents to warn of the coming attack.

Nothing is ever the same and death is permanent which makes the game really difficult if the player is unlucky. There are also a number of endings based on player performance, which is a nice little addition.

5 Moonlighter runs a shop by day and explores dungeons by night

Moonlit Golem King

Moonlight is a game that allows the player to be the trader of a group of NPCs by day, and in order to get stock, go through various dungeons and fight for their life at night.

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The first row of inventory space is safe if the player fails during a race, but everything else is forsaken. Moonlight Additionally, he never holds the player’s hand when deciding the price of items, forcing the player to guess based on the relationship to similar items and customer reaction as he tries to revitalize the city, her shop and earn money.

4 Noita even has pixel physics

Notia is a little roguelike that has made waves because it includes pixel physics. Each pixel on the screen can be manipulated, destroyed, or used to cycle through uniquely generated levels.

Notia It sounds like a lot of fun until the player has managed to blow up any hope of completing the level, or they watch a misplaced attack put the whole dungeon above their heads.

3 Risk Of Rain I & II are magnificent Roguelikes

The two Risk of rain the games are magnificent roguelikes where the goal is to escape from dangerous alien planets. One of the best things about them is that they push hard into permanent death territory, forcing the player to develop their skills or risk losing everything.

Not only do enemies appear at random, but bosses too, which means the player can be extremely unlucky in their attempt to escape. There’s a good chance there will be tons of chess as the skills develop, but all is well because every inch of these games is gorgeous and worth exploring.

2 Tales of Maj’Eyal is a great top-to-bottom dungeon crawler

Tales of Maj'Eyal

Tales of Maj’Eyal is a fantastic turn-based roguelike that features tons of unique races and character customization options right down to their classes and stats reminiscent of other older titles. He received rave reviews, praising him for not falling into the same traps as other roguelikes.

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Tales of Maj’Eyal is complicated and endearing, as the dungeons are constantly reshaping and changing, requiring a lot of effort on the part of the player to explore thoroughly, collect all the treasures, and get the bank to do it.

1 Wizard Of Legend is just an awesome quest

Legendary Wizard Title Banner

The player controls a wizard trying to develop his fame, skills, and reputation to become the Magician of Legend in this adorable roguelike. They are tasked with fighting through 10 procedurally generated levels of a dungeon, learning a whole host of new spells, battling monsters, taking down bosses, all the while leading to a final boss.

The interesting thing about Magician of Legend While most roguelikes focus on melee fighters, this one explores its own kind of magic while providing a genuinely fun experience that will never be the same twice.

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