10 PlayStation 2 franchises that still deserve HD collections


HD remakes have been all the rage lately, with many big franchises from the PlayStation 2 era getting their share of the love.e. Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, and Yakuza have all received the widely acclaimed remake treatment and high sales. The PlayStation 2 had a lot of great franchises to offer and many of them were fan favorites that would get the same amount of attention we mentioned earlier.

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Many series have received resolution increases in a remaster, but a remake would add so much more. Seeing a great JRPG updated for the modern era, or a platformer with polished controls and a sturdy camera would bring many aging franchises back to life.

ten Modern Disney animation on the original Kingdom Hearts trilogy is a perfect match

When Kingdom Hearts married the Disney and Square Enix franchises in a whole new concept in 2002, it had the feel and presentation of a Disney production. The characters came to life and the action was fluid. Since that first iteration, countless sequels and prequels have been created to expand on the story of the original.

As well as making the story more complete over time, the movement and the camera also got a lot better. A remake could bring the slick grinding and eye-catching camera to the original Traverse City.

9 The intense fog at Silent Hill would be a lot scarier with ray tracing

Foggy sign that reads "Welcome to Silent Hill"

One of the greatest features of silent Hill and its sequels are the oppressive fog that limits the player’s draw distance. However, this fog was actually due to hardware limitations, and the developers used it as a way to avoid seeing asset loads. If the legendary Silent Hill remake ever comes out, this limitation would no longer be an issue.

That’s not to say the fog should go away, however. Recent ray tracing expansions have shown just how immersive and spooky city lights filtered through dense fog can be. More importantly, an updated pyramid head would be terrifying.

8 Jak and Daxter are beloved mascots who deserve to be alongside Nathan Drake

Jak and Daxter fleeing and shooting a plane through town

Many mascots of the 1990s and early 2000s are experiencing their rebirth of late thanks to their own updates, remakes or new sequels. Jak & Daxter should be with them. As Naughty Dog’s beloved debut series, the games exude joy and style in their action and movement. Updating any of them, especially as part of a modern Naughty Dog squad, would breathe new life into the series.

Explore Haven City in flying cars with the technology put in the Unexplored the series would be a sight to see, and the particle effects would be spectacular.

7 New Combo Flow Action Mixed With Original Horror Elements Makes Exciting Devil May Cry Remake

Devil May Cry - Alastor

As one of the original 3D action slashers, The devil can cry first hit the shelves in 2001. Players explored a castle on Mallet Island, battling hundreds of demons led by their emperor, Mundus. Originally planned as part of the Resident Evil franchise, the first DMC had elements of horror infused into its core, along with elegant combo-based combat.

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Bring the new combat versions of The devil can cry 5 to the horror-centric atmosphere of an updated original would make for a tense, yet exhilarating game.

6 The rumor has been going around for quite a while, so Metal Gear Solid remake is anything but a given

While the rumor has been around for a few years, a remake of the original Solid metal gear still seems long overdue. The 1998 tactical spy game would be a great reminder for anyone who has played the most recent Metal Gear Solid 5 and found themselves completely upset in the storyline. This game’s graphics and open-ended approach to level design would also do wonders on the more limited original.

Of course, if somehow Hideo Kojima returned for the update, the original’s storyline probably wouldn’t stay that straightforward.

5 City building as a mechanic is more popular than ever

Dark Cloud PS2 HiRes screenshot

Dark cloud was a two-game series for PlayStation 2 that was well received by critics but fell under the radar of many fans, slowly gaining momentum before becoming a commercial success. What made the game unique was the ability to build towns as the story progressed, allowing players to feel like owners of the world they helped build.

With the popularity of games like Valley of stars and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, an action game incorporating these elements would undoubtedly sell well in today’s markets.

4 Adding collision physics to twisted metal would create more strategy

The Twisted metal the series attempted a reboot in 2016, which met with poor reviews and low sales. Many fans felt that the show’s appeal had waned and it wasn’t as good as it used to be. A remake would therefore serve the series well, especially if this remake was a fan favorite like Twisted metal: Black.

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The physics of car crashes has come a long way since the release of these games, and incorporating them into the series may be what he needs to find new life. Balancing the risks and rewards for aggressive and defensive gameplay would be a fun way to mix things up.

3 With new graphics, NBA Street gameplay would shine

The graphic fidelity of the new NBA titles is astounding and is poised to break through the weird valley that has plagued games for so long for realistic looks. NBA Street would benefit from these new graphics, especially when it comes to the character creator. Being able to create a player with the same outrageous look as the original in beautifully rendered 4k would be great.

Plus, game breakers could be even more exaggerated and stylized with particle effects making everyone a talented firework display.

2 New stealth mechanics could give Sly Cooper another chance

Sly-Cooper-Thieves-in-Time Cropped

As another great PlayStation mascot, fans of Sly Cooper have been calling for a remake of the franchise for years. Stealth mechanics have come a long way since the original, and the cartoonish nature of the game lends itself to a more stylized take on modern stealth games like this. Metal gear series.

If the recent release of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Sucker Punch’s own The ghosts of Tsushima is one indication, marrying modern cartoon-like graphics with stealthy action gameplay would be a welcome addition to Sony’s lineup.

1 Scaling Olympus in a modern engine would be breathtaking

God of the war

God of the war was a spectacle of both action and visual art. The one-shot movie style was fresh, and Kratos’ new take on as the character was an interesting twist for the brutal and ruthless protagonist of the original trilogy. Critics and fans alike have praised the new management and are eagerly awaiting the sequel.

However, there is something special about the intensity of the originals that would make solid remakes. On top of that, scaling the backs of the Titans on the path to destruction of Olympus in the modern God of War engine would finally make players feel like gods.

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